In these ways, you can include your favorite songs in WhatsApp statuses

So you can put music in your WhatsApp statuses. (photo: what is this)

The WhatsApp It offers many features. The main and most important reason why millions of users around the world are downloading this Implementation It is intended for instant messaging service, whether in private or group conversations. And the state is another characteristic of it, One aspect that has been developed in the application over the years.

Any user now You can add music to your whatsapp status. In addition to writing text or taking pictures, You can also share songs. We will explain how to put music in WhatsApp status without downloading other apps or even using an app.

How to put music in WhatsApp status without downloading an app

WhatsApp status allows you to upload images or share them as a story about Instagram. The app itself gives you complete control over the settings to decide which users can see your status and who can’t.

So WhatsApp statuses give you the option to download stories by writing text messages or adding images, GIFs or videos. So how do you put music on WhatsApp status with pictures without downloading the companion apps? By following these steps you will get:

1. Turn on your mobile phone and after opening the music player that you use most often (spotify the Apple Music, for example) you have to search for the song you want to add to your WhatsApp status.

2. Select Play and raise the volume on the song.

3. Find the WhatsApp application. Now open the tab corresponding to the file condition.

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4. Click green icon on camera To be able to upload a new photo or video status.

5. Select a file Enable button for recording On the interface it is as if you are creating a video to download WhatsApp statuses.

6. In this way, WhatsApp will start recording music that plays sounds on the mobile device, in this case through the loudspeaker. Optionally, you can cover the camera so that no image is recorded; This is just the sound of the song.

7. Check Final result of recording when you finish recording music.

8. When you are satisfied with the recording, you should do so Click the bottom of the green arrow and send it to update status.

This way to put music in WhatsApp status is very fast, Although it does not offer many options. Moreover, it is important to make sure song quality It may be affected during recording if there is a lot of outside noise.

WhatsApp states.  (Photo: Mag el Comercio)
WhatsApp states. (Photo: Mag el Comercio)

How to put music in WhatsApp status using an app

Although this can be done without installing any other app, there is a trick to include music in your WhatsApp status. Follow these steps to perform this method by downloading an app:

1. Download and install the app Video Maker & Editor (Videoshow Video Editor) or similar app from Google Play Store the App Store

2. Go to the application and click video editing.

3. Browse the mobile gallery and Choose a photo To set the status background.

4. Select next After selecting the image.

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5. Select Term of office. The maximum time allowed is 30 seconds.

6. Go to the screen Version, touch the tab Music At the bottom.

7. Then select the option Play To add music.

8. Search for audio files and Choose the song which you like the most.

9. Once you find the song, you will see its duration. Journalism Add music.

10. Select the icon check mark Shown at the top right.

11. Click keep in the Library. In this way, the music clip will be edited and ready to be shared on your WhatsApp status.

Videoshow video editor.  (Photo: Download for PC)
Videoshow video editor. (Photo: Download for PC)

How to put a youtube song in whatsapp status

WhatsApp statuses also allow you to put a song from Youtube. To do it properly, you need to follow these steps:

1. Search for a file youtube video that you want to share on WhatsApp status. In this case, its duration is not important.

2. Pause the video and tap Three dots you’ll see in the lower right corner. From the menu that appears, select Participate To see which platforms to share with. Click on the WhatsApp icon.

3. Selecting the WhatsApp icon will open the app and display options for video sharing. Select tab my situation and click the . button next.

4. The application allows you to set the status, customize to add messages, change the font, include emojis and set the background in different colors.

5. When you are ready, press the button Participate. So, it will have a post status that shows the video of the song on YouTube.

WhatsApp and YouTube.  (Image: Thirteen Bit)
WhatsApp and YouTube. (Image: Thirteen Bit)

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