“In the World Cup it is about competing at the highest level”: an interview with Victor Aristizabal

Victor Hugo Aristizabal Historical record of Atlético Nacional (206 goals), is another Colombian player in the World Cup. The man from Antioquia participated in the USA 94 and France 98 matches, and was also the top scorer and champion of the Copa America in Colombia in 2001..

Although he did not reach his best in the World Cup, they remember with Tricolor the Scorpion goal he scored against the Chilean team in 1993 and the hat-trick he scored against Paraguay in 4-0 in Asuncion for Qualifiers for the World Cup in Korea and Japan 2002.

Aristigol, at his baptism, is also known for his coolness in defining right and left, his head and leadership, and his example of devotion and a sense of belonging to the shirt.

Technicians Francisco Maturana and Hernan Dario Gómez He summoned him often, and he was also with him Luis Augusto “Cheke” Garcia and Javier Alvarez, and in the World Cup finals he participated in the attack with players of the stature of Faustino Asprilla, Anthony de Avila, Ivan Rene Valenciano, Adolfo Valencia, Hamilton Ricard and Leeder Preciado.

Today is dedicated to sports commentary with ESPN, And his concepts are confirmed by the experience left by the years of celebration in the stadiums of the world, where he played in the shirts of Atlético Nacional, Valencia, Sao Paulo, Santos, Deportivo Cali, Vitoria, Cruzeiro and Curitiba.

In total, he added 15 goals with the national team, for which, although he was questioned several times, his contribution was finally recognized.

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The Colombian spoke with him 69 days before the ball kicks off in the World Cup in Qatar, so that he can share his experience in the two events he was in and his opinion of the biggest sporting event this year.

What does it mean to be in the World Cup finals?

“He is the best footballer, it is the longing one feels when one starts playing professionally. Plus the pride it generates by representing your country. I imagine that all footballers around the world should feel this great feeling, which is the greatest thing one can achieve.” in this profession.

What advice can you give a player who will play in the World Cup?

“The first thing is to prepare properly and even more so today, when the physical and athletic aspect is very important, because the competition demands it. If you are not well prepared, you will definitely not shine in the World Cup. It is all about competing at the highest level.”

It will be the first time this event will take place between November and December, so could it affect the athletes?

“I think no. On the contrary, it will help many of the teams whose players compete in Europe for their clubs, because they will be in the middle of the season. It even hurts the other national teams more when they are played between June and July because they finish their seasons at their clubs and arrive more tired, With more injuries and more wear and tear. Whereas now they’ll only be in the middle of competing with their teams, so I think they’ll be on a good performance curve.”

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What happened to Colombia in the United States World Cup 94?

“The ’94 national team was at a very high competitive level, from the first rookie player to the last substitute who was at a very good level. Unfortunately, we didn’t know how to assume the favoritism we had and the atmosphere around the group was very damaging because of everything that happened and what was talked about. A lot already. This hurt the national team a lot.”

In France 98 they no longer have that favoritism, what happened?

“We got to wear a lot of players, most of them weren’t at a good level and the presentation we gave was more predictable. Likewise, both World Cups were lessons.”

Do you think the new generations have learned from that?

“Yes, because when Colombia returned to the World Cup after so many years, which was in Brazil 2014, they did a very good job. But we have to know that we still have a long way to go to compete at the highest level in one of these events, and to be able one day To be, at least, among the top four in the world, which would be very good for Colombia’s position.”

What are your favorite teams to win the title in Qatar?

“It will always be strong teams like Germany and Brazil. I also see Argentina as very strong, competing at the highest level and having a long run of matches without losing. I do not rule out France, who will arrive with a more mature team than the team that won the title in Russia in 2018.”

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