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They tell us about the recent 16-year prison sentence and prison change in the United States Nason Joaquinthe leader of the Light of the World sect, has said little or nothing by the current Amloist administration whose links to the “apostle of Jesus Christ” will remain a mystery until 2024, the year when information is given about the tribute in his country and the tribute held in place will be reserved. Popular cultural in Mexico City in May 2019. These are the reports, flyers, distribution lists and names of those who approved and managed the event requested via INAI from the General Sub-Directorate of the Palace of Fine Arts with paper 1116100033019.


The feud that exists between the governor of Baja California, Marina del PilarMayor of Tijuana, Montserrat Night, impeded coordination between law enforcement agencies to ensure citizen security. This has been judged by many experts on the matter, who point to the political conflict between the Morinistas as one of the reasons why as many as 1,200 murders have been recorded in that arena so far this year, in fact, only in August. go 139


“We never asked the Marines, that the Marines were never under our responsibility and that the vehicle they were carrying, as the Acapulco Minister of Public Security himself initially emphasized, is a vehicle that we never knew, and neither is ours,” Senator de Morena said yesterday during a press conference, “Do we have anything to do with it”, Jose Naro Cespedesinvolved in a scandal that apparently wanted to keep her in the shadows.

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Those who know say that this issue discussed by some columns is confusing, because Jose Naro Cespedes He says that this is not true, but he filed a complaint with the head of the public prosecutor’s office in Mexico City, Ernestine Godoyagainst those responsible for leaking information. In the end, observers make clear, this could be a lawsuit over the Senate’s management of funds, a low blow to derail it. who who?


that those from Aeroméxico did not like anything, and nothing, the statements of the head of the Federal Agency for Consumer Protection (Profeco), Richard Sheffield, who accused yesterday during the morning that the airline is responsible for the delays at Mexico City International Airport (AICM). They wanted to respond with a post, with many characters and a lot of formalities. The truth is that users know that it is an airline that causes a lot of inconvenience and does not take quality care or service to its customers seriously. A problem that goes on and explodes today in his hands, when the 4T government is watching him.

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