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“This is not Saigon,” the US Secretary of State said. Anthony BlinkOn CNN, referring to the 1975 fall of the Vietnamese capital, a still painful memory for the United States. The chief of US diplomacy came out to testify as television showed pictures of US diplomats being evacuated from their embassy in Kabul by helicopter after a lightning advance for the Taliban, who are preparing to rule Afghanistan again 20 years after they were ousted by the forces he leads. by Washington after the September 11, 2001 attacks.


Representatives of the Business Coordination Council headed by Carlos Salazar LumlinCoparmix, led by Jose Medina Mora Icaza, Canirac , from German GonzalezThis week, Mexican officials from the Caribbean carried out a trade mission to Florida, in the United States. The visit to the neighboring country aims to hold meetings with business chambers from provinces such as Pinillas and Pasco to persuade them to bring investments to the Yucatan Peninsula.


Similarly, they tell us that this business mission aims to sign memoranda of understanding and support in our country, and various joint business strategies will be presented with the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Metro Orlando, the National Business Center, the International Trade Office in Central Florida and the Port of Tampa Bay.


Those who know say that the National Action Party of Tamaulipas is not planning to release the square easily at the governor Francisco Garcia Cabeza de Vaca Leave the job next year. that Blue and White in the border state had already given accounts after the last election, which he won in 28 municipalities; While Morena did only 10 times. In addition, he alone received 515,000 votes in that election. Meanwhile, the National Reform received 543 thousand, but in alliance with the Labor Party; So they assure that they will fight to survive with the entity.

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The cap on obtaining LPG prices has been updated for the third time in a row by the Energy Regulatory Authority (CRE), which has Leopoldo Vicente Melchi Garcia. However, although they aim to ease the pockets of Mexicans, the average increase per kilogram this time hovered at 0.65 percent. It is a measure that, despite raising dissenting opinions, has been promoted by the President Andres Manuel Lopez Obradordue to reported abuses.


Insiders confirm that the president has proposed to support those who have the least, and for this he seeks to create Gas Bienestar, in addition to the fact that he proposed to dismantle the field created by major marketers, among whom are some such as Grupo Zeta Gas, Gas Uribe and Gas Nieto, the first two close to the The revolutionary and last institution is linked to national action.

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