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The Princess Diaries was released in 2001 and instantly became a Disney classic. It tells the story of Mia Thermopolis, a seemingly antisocial young woman who, at the age of sixteen, learns that she is the heiress to the Crown of Genovia.

This movie had great participation from Julie Andrews and helped the film’s heroine Anne Hathaway start her career in Hollywood.

The movie was so successful that the sequel was released in 2004 and even years later, some actors talked about the possibility of making a third part.

“The Princess Diaries 2” had a gay character

The second part of the story follows Mia Thermopolis on her quest to find a husband, because despite the fact that she is considered too young to marry, the laws of the fictional state state that she must be married to ascend the throne. .

In the middle of the process, the princess falls in love with a young man named Nicholas, who must be her archenemy because he secretly wants to keep his crown.

However, one detail that few remember is that the homosexual character appears in his extensive review of the candidates to win his heart.

This happens when the characters of Anne Hathway and Julie Andrews go to some kind of cinema in their castle to watch a presentation of their potential loved ones.

On the screen appears the name Antoine Suisse, he is supposed to be from France and is 23 years old.

Unfortunately, the suitor in question was never mentioned again, so this moment was forgotten by many.

However, remembering the scant history of LGBT representation in Disney productions, this brief inclusion can be commended.

Prince William also appeared in The Princess Diaries 2

The truth is, the above wasn’t the only iconic moment of that scene. Going from slide to slide, Mia Thermopolis came across and found a model showing Prince William in the UK (then much younger and single).

They assert that he cannot marry Anne Hathaway’s character, because one day he will have to see his own kingdom, but they include him because they like to admire his body.

Did you remember these details from the Disney movie, did you like the movie when it was released?

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