In the “conditions” of that euthanasia

Irene Montero, Minister of Equality.

The Ministry of Equality He wants every public hospital in Spain to have doctors who perform abortions, he predicted medical writing last summer. but,How many unwanted doctors are wanted in each hospital To ensure a woman’s right to terminate her pregnancy voluntarily? , Will variables like Population density NS number of professionals?

Faced with these questions, who Women’s Institute, an independent body attached to the Ministry of Equality, this media states that the goal is to reform Abortion Law, “is that in every hospital there are health professionals who do not object, so that both the rights (the right of the woman to have an abortion and the right of the health worker to object) are guaranteed.” In addition, they advertise it Create a record of professional opponents “It will be in the terms raised in euthanasia law

Regarding the specific organization the new regulations will lead to, the agency states that “the process is being managed and there is as yet no final proposal.” And they add anyway,Organizing shifts in accordance with the health centersWho will take into account the foregoing, that all rights are guaranteed.”

Likewise, they explained from the agency that the autonomous communities would have to provide these units with “a sufficient number of employees, who can ensure all the health benefits of a portfolio The National Health System (SNS), including IVE (voluntary termination of pregnancy).

The organization of shifts corresponds to the health centers.

In this sense, they specify from the Women’s Institute that the establishment of a register of professional opponents “aims to facilitate the establishment of the competent health authorities, which are independent societiess, they can obtain all the information necessary for the organization of obstetrics and gynecology units in hospitals. ”

Abortion doctors in every Spanish hospital

“What we believe is that conscientious objection cannot become mass civil disobedience, but it must be exercised individually by each health professional, because it is a personal right,” explained the ministry in August headed by Irene Montero a medical writing.

From the ministry directed by Irene Montero emphasized that “the important thing is that Regulation is the guarantor For those professionals who want to take advantage of their right, and at the same time, this does not mean curtailing women’s rights Complete sexual and reproductive health Which includes the right to voluntary termination of pregnancy. “In every hospital there must be health professionals who do not object, until both rights are guaranteed,” they point out.

They stress from the agency that “the government is committed to protecting voluntary access to termination of pregnancy from the national health system, that is, to provide the best guarantees for the health and privacy of women who wish to exercise this right.” To do so, they noted that “In abortion, pharmacological and surgical methods must coexist out of necessity in light of these criteria.”

“One of the biggest obstacles to getting this right is the impossibility of many women in some parts of our country Abortion in public hospitals. This is unacceptable and this reform seeks to remove that obstacle once and for all.”

Conscientious objection to abortion is an individual right

For its part, last July, it was General Council of Official Medical Societies (Cgcom) responded to the reform proposed by the Ministry of Equality saying that “making it more difficult for health workers to conscientious objection is a bad, unacceptable, illegal and unfair solution and it must be the health and social services that must be well done and managed to ensure that women have access to Those who will undergo voluntary interruption of pregnancy receive appropriate support.”

However, coinciding with this point with the egalitarian interpretations of this method, the doctors affirmed that “Conscientious objection to health care workers is an individual right Anyone who sees a practice or procedure as being contrary to his convictions and beliefs can benefit from it.”

Although it may contain statements, statements or notes from health institutions or professionals, the information in medical writing is edited and prepared by journalists. We recommend that the reader be consulted on any health-related question with a healthcare professional.

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