In rugby, you win, draw and learn, except when the referee is attacked

Gay Tale, master of journalism and one of the most stylish writers in the United States, turns 91 and is about to publish his fifteenth book. A non-fiction reference in a time of fictional journalism and lies, Talese wrote books, delving into stories and characters, about the Mafia (You will honor your father) and gender (your neighbor’s wife). He was also, in his prime, a sports writer. in his book The hero fell silent, from 2010, brings together many of those texts that address athletes who have not achieved success. Talese portrays falling logos like batter Joe Dimaggio and boxers Joe Louis and Ali and Floyd Patterson. He traveled to China to meet and interview Liu Ying, the player who missed the decisive penalty kick in the 1999 Women’s World Cup final that the United States eventually won. “I learn more from missing locker rooms.”since when.

Thales writes in a note at the beginning The hero fell silent (The title refers to his famous history on Dimaggio, where he tells us how the baseball player instructed that there would always be flowers on the grave of his ex-wife, Marilyn Monroe): “My lifelong fascination with sports is shown as a symbol of the human need to succeed, and my respect for athletes, because they often take risks not meet their expectations, and they end up as “losers”.

Referee Nigel Owens shows the red card to Thomas Lavagnini (right); The Pumas have not been disciplined in recent years, but they have respected the arbitration authority.France Press agency

Losing in sports is not a virtue, of course, but it can have a lesson. Talese learned the sport by reading American novelists. Golf, for example, by Francis Scott Fitzgerald. Since then, life has described itself in every record. Talese still has a file of clippings and documents that he keeps in dozens of secret boxes. There is no fact that it does not come true over and over again. And to get the characters to open up like no other, he has a simple formula: “I’m polite, and I want to listen.”

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Let’s continue the topic of loss. Hugo Porta He said he once had to give a speech with Sean Fitzpatrick, the captain in one of the All Blacks’ most lucrative eras. “for me At the Pumas I had more to lose than to win, but this taught me a very important lesson.He said. Because, however obvious it sounds, losing is part of the game. You win and you draw or you lose. It’s the basis of the sport and it goes strictly to Footballsomething that is taught from the rule: Learn to bear the adversity of defeat. You play and train to win, but also to make sense of it Until you lose you win.

In addition to strict mathematical fouls on the grounds, acts of harassment of referees, by players, coaches and spectators, have been added.@ scrum/ESPN

It is also clear that for there to be a match, there must be two teams and an referee. If not, then there is no party. It is played with the other team, not against, and with a referee. good: in local rugbyAnd The one with the clubshe volunteerThey don’t get along well with defeat and rulers. There is a really serious problem at this point. Matches are group cries – From players, coaches and fans – against the rulersWhich in case of defeat are the main targets.

Harassment of referee Gonzalo de Achaval by people from La Plata

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The referee leaves the field in SIC vs. La Plata for public harassment

Two photos from last weekend. The referee left the match In the Koyu Bean Championship Mendoza Bank And San Juan Rugby ‘I’m tired of being yelled at’while in Urba’s top 12 One judge was berated face to face by several collaborators and supporters of La PlataThe team that reversed the SIC scores in the score. Videos circulate through phones and social networks.

Gonzalo Rivamar’s assistant justified stopping Banco Mendoza vs. San Juan

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Explanation of suspension for players

There are two issues: one Not tolerating defeat and a Low arbitration level. Nor are there the number of referees needed for all the amateur rugby matches played in Argentina every weekend. It’s everyone’s problem, not just the referees. Everyone complains, but no one offers solutions. And lose rugbyAlthough in this case without any education. You lose in the worst way.

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