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Lyon, Gto. – As a setback in public policy on science and technology at the federal level, Gerardo Ibarra Aranda, director of the Explora Science Center, described the federal program’s lack of interest in curtailing programs that promote these issues in favor of children and young people. Persons.

He said that in addition to the fact that the National Council on Science and Technology (CONACyT) is not awarding resources for these types of programs, but also in current calls, organizations like Explora are no longer allowed to compete for resources.
“It is not only a question of money, but the central issue is the lack of interest in science and technology (…), and above all because of the disengagement, the lack of interest, the discouragement of those who set public policies in the national level, the lack of facilities for Mexico to increase competitiveness significantly more powerful “.

However, they have been responsible for acquiring resources with the state and municipal government, especially to change the place, to the point that the historical investment is 60 million.

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Ibarra Aranda admitted that what is most worrying is that the union is not interested in having projects at the national level. Two years ago, when Explora was in charge of the Mexican Association of Museums, a “Cultural Sponsorship Act” was proposed to connect science and technology to the population, and it proposed to contribute resources to all issues related to the orange economy, but the law did not advance in the House of Representatives.

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The orange economy

Ibarra Aranda explained that the Inter-American Development Bank found that in 50 countries the orange economy, which refers to science, innovation, competitiveness, technology and innovation, has an average growth of 5.5%, and in Mexico it is 4.8% or more. The national economy does not even reach 2%, for more than a year there has been a decline

The orange economy is booming and has high growth potential, but there is no interest on the part of the union, because in the case of Mexico, 4.8% of the national GDP and 11% of the economically active population nationally, “this represents a great potential for growth and the work that institutions must Like Explora to do so this economy develops much more,” he emphasized.

This type of economy will open doors for obtaining high value-added products, since one of the characteristics of developing countries is that they produce products with high added value and those that develop, such as Mexico, produce a large number of people working in the orange economy

“What we need is that two things (volume of people and high value-added products) present a much more interesting economic leak that translates to investment, employment, patents, intellectual property and everything that time means to sell licenses.”

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