In El Hormiguero, Esmeralda Pimentel reveals the consequences she suffered after cutting her hair

ant nest It started a week full of wonderful guests who will stop by the group to chat with Trankas and Barrancas. Mexican Actress Esmeralda Pimentel Was First To Sit Down With Pablo Motos On Monday, And She Did So To Talk About Him Elsewherethe film starring Miguel Angel Muñoz and Pablo Puyol.

The film, which has already been released in theaters, is the first Mexican act in Spain, although it arrived with the title of superstar after several successes behind her back. The fans The series will surely know her, although they will know her in the US for her role in the final season of good doctor.

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Esmeralda has moved to our country in search of new challenges after she broke off her relationship with fellow actor Osvaldo Benavides, her partner since 2018, following rumors of infidelity. In addition to this movie, we will soon see him in the Netflix series Where there was a fire Filming started! Monte Cristo Along with William Levy, who had been following the show just a few days before.

Motos wanted to revise his career, as he began to become famous in Spain, but starred in his native country in the world of soap operas. Although she was on top, the actress made a radical decision and decided to move away from the genre to open new horizons.

Esmeralda Pimentel’s reflection on the canons of beauty


“I never said again, ‘I love making TV series without borders, it’s a great school.’ But it’s true that I didn’t have a lot of creative freedom and wanted to explore. I gave up an exclusive contract and started casting again, which is great, it’s so much fun. It’s like the opportunity to go play something you haven’t had for half an hour.”

But the world of contracts wasn’t the only reason why she made this decision, strict beauty canons also had something to do with it. He began, “As actors who are judged all the time, especially as a woman, I decided to start showing who I am a little bit more.”

Esmeralda Pimentel made her debut at El Hormiguero to present the film In another place.

Esmeralda Pimentel made her debut at El Hormiguero to present the film In another place.

Carlos Lopez Alvarez / Atrismedia

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guest reflection ant nest He continued after recalling that a producer came to criticize the movement of his nose during a sequence. “I believe we should be free and love our body, and no one has the right to judge you,” he said before releasing the message of self-love: “We should be happy, respect and love each other.”

All these situations prompted Esmeralda Pimentel to change her life as well as her image. To do this, she decided to cut her hair: “I changed something, yes, I completely changed my profile as an actress. It was a conscious decision, but I had no idea what criticism I would face on the networks. “

But while the audience’s criticism came to accommodate them, what he didn’t expect was to turn against him on a professional level. “They told me in auditions that I was no longer giving the profile they were looking for…but this opened doors for other roles and I tell people to dare do whatever scares them,” he said.

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