In December, they will conduct the call for bids to repeat the track PY01

The Ministry of Public Works and Communications (MOPC) announced this week that tenders for duplication, operation and maintenance of 108 km of PY01 National Road, 4 Mugons to Kuinde, are scheduled to be launched, as per schedule, in December. this year.

This was stated by economist Jorge Vergara, head of the Strategic Projects Directorate at the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, who stated that the estimated investment is $300 million and that the project is currently in the process of preparing for a feasibility study through technical cooperation. From the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

“The call for prequalification is for July 2022 and the call for bids is for December 2022,” he said during a presentation in Canada – Latin America Infrastructure Forum, which took place approximately on March 30-31. Canada PPP form status submitted.

Vergara’s thesis: “The current state of PPPs in Paraguay, current and future projects and key challenges for PPPs in Paraguay” was called, with participants from different countries, including Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay.

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The official also spoke about other PPP projects, such as the duplication, operation and maintenance of 78 kilometers of the PY06 national road, from Encarnacion to the Capitan Mesa junction, which intersects with the export corridor, for $180 million, which is in progress. For resources for the corresponding studies.

At the same time, he highlighted that the Government of Paraguay, within the framework of Law 5102/13, which regulates public-private partnership (PPP) projects, had received a proposal from a private initiative for the conservation of waterways of the Paraguay River in its department. Sovereignty, which extends from Asuncion to the confluence of the Aba River.

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He indicated that the project mentioned in the profile and pre-feasibility cases has been approved, and we are in the stage of preparing the feasibility of the project, which should be delivered in the first quarter of 2022. It will be organized by DIPE for the subsequent call for international bids.

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On another point, he mentioned that Paraguay currently has in place rehabilitation and maintenance contracts (Gmans, Crema and RMPU) worth $1.1 billion with progressive maturities from 2022 to 2027.

Other projects under the PPP model that were cited during his presentation are: a private initiative project submitted by the Chilean company Sumarco, which is in the process of preparing a feasibility study, and a US$30 million asphalt paving from Naranjito to Santa Ines, which has already been completed . It has an admissibility opinion from the Secretariat for Technical Planning (STP) and is in the process of obtaining the SNIP token.

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