In Canada, they created an ecological cemetery where ashes turn into trees



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In Canada, they created an ecological cemetery where ashes turn into trees

In Quebec, Canada, they opened their first bios garden, where their loved ones can become a tree when leaving this world

Bios Park is one of the first cemeteries to offer a sustainable service in which humans and their pets can be deposited in a biodegradable urn that will turn into Tree Which you can visit over the years. It is a service that seeks to expand to other parts of the world.

in he said graveyard There are different types of trees to choose from and the park team takes care of them to ensure their growth. Some people choose: hydrangea, maple, crabapple, cranberry, maple, or great oak to transcend time.

The goal of Bios Park is very simple: a huge field has been converted to deposit biodegradable jars containing the ashes of your loved ones (humans or pets) that will slowly give life to the forest. In addition, the space can be shared with family or friends in the same areas in the future, the owners of the place said.

Similarly, in Bios Park there is an area where you can hold farewell ceremonies in a junior suite where you can say goodbye to family and friends. Music, songs, or they can simply share stories that have left a wonderful memory of the lives and work of the people they met.

Elise, Director graveyardHe explains, “After the day of the burial, we often see families returning to visit the deceased and take care of them Tree Remove dead leaves or decorate them according to the different seasons and holidays of the year. If we think about it, it will be much warmer to walk through the forest than to visit the tombstone,” he states.

The place is a space open to the public where you can memorialize and remember the life of your loved ones in a natural setting.

“Le Boisé de Vie” is the world’s first Bios Park ®. Translated as “the forest of life”, this graveyard An ecological located in Quebec dedicated to the cultivation of Urns Bios.

The memorial garden provides a new experience for those who want to use a biodegradable jar that turns them into Tree In a unique environment full of tranquility in the city CanadaThe place managers stand out.

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