In a comic book crossover game, Batman and Fortnite collaborate with DC digital content for the battle royale

Batman / Fortnite: Zero Point will go on sale in April and will consist of six versions of the crossover story.

It is an electronic game It became a conference center between The most famous icons of video games or pop culture. We’ve seen, in recent weeks, characters like Kratos, The MA head or even Alien xenomorphs The Battle royale Posted by Epic Games. Now, it’s the turn of one of the most beloved superheroes. Attention, because the crossing has arrived Batman / Fortnite: scratch And we tell you what it is about.

This time it is a transmedia event taking place in various fields. Batman / Fortnite: Zero Point is a new print version of the comics he wrote Christos Gage, With narrative moderation by Donald Mustard, Epic’s Creative Director. The illustrations are responsible for Reilly Brown, Christian Duce, Nelson DeCastro and John Kalisz, and the cover of the first issue belongs to Mikel Janín. The official summary reads as follows:

The comics will include redeemable icons for the DC-themed skins for the game“A rift in the sky opens over Gotham City … Torn in the tapestry of reality that drags Batman into Fortnite! Batman / Fortnite: Zero Point unlocks secrets not previously revealed in the game.” No fan of Batman, Fortnite, comedy and wild action will want to miss the showdown Between the Cloak Crusader and Fortnite heroes are on the island, in a desperate attempt to save not only himself, but also other familiar faces in DC … and maybe even the multiverse itself! “

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By developing this project with Capital“Our common goal from day one has been first and foremost to tell a real, mind-bending Batman story,” said Donald Mustard, Creative Director of Epic Games. “The comedian delves into What would happen if I arrested the best investigator in the world? Somewhere without remembering who he is, and in an environment that is constantly changing. “

Additionally, each version of this crossover will have a Batman / Fortnite file A promo code redeemable for DC stamp digital items For a battle royale, inspired by the events that take place in the comic. The first will be the new Harley Quinn costume on the stage of the Renaissance. Also, if you obtain all 6 tokens, you can unlock the Batman Zero Armor Suit for your character.

Fortnite continues to grow by leaps and bounds as a symbol of interactive entertainment, in association with a superhero par excellence. Meanwhile, Epic Games are still immersed in a game Legal battle against Apple For the game.

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