In a bilateral preview with Macron, French MP described Alberto Fernandez as a “moderate who does not frighten anyone”.

French candidate criticizes Alberto Fernandez

One of the strengths of the official European tour Alberto FernandezWhich started today in Spain, is a bilateral meeting with her husband from France Emmanuel Macron. But before that meeting, the head of state received criticism from the French MP Jean-Luc MelenchonHe is one of the leftists who is running for prime minister in the legislative elections in June, describing him as a “moderate who does not frighten anyone”.

The QuestioningAnd Similar to Kirchnerism’s argument for the rejection of Fernandez’s economic management and minister Martin GuzmanDuring a television program on France T last weekend, Melenchon spoke about the role of the left around the world and used the figure of the Argentine president in his argument.

Should we continue as usual to elect a moderate who does not frighten anyone like Argentina’s President Fernandez, who spends his time making concessions and waiving necessities?asked the French representative.

Official sources confirmed that Alberto Fernandez will meet with Macron on Friday afternoon (local time) in Paris, while it will be the third leg of his trip to Europe, which started today in Madrid and will continue tomorrow in Berlin, Germany. The president had promised his French counterpart an official visit that would take place after the April elections in the European country, although the meeting was in doubt until the last minute.

It is that Macron’s near victory in the recent vote against Marine Le Pen has forced the French president to focus on internal negotiations to form a government, which appears to complicate the prospects of a bilateral meeting.

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In May last year, Fernandez visited France as part of a tour of several European countries and received support from Macron in renegotiating Argentina’s debt with the International Monetary Fund.

Alberto Fernandez and his Spanish counterpart Pedro Sanchez

As it was the first activity on the presidential agenda in Spain, Alberto Fernandez He had a meeting with the Spanish Head of State, Pedro SanchezAnd At Moncloa Palace. There he attended with the counselor Santiago Cafierowho held a previous meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the European Union and Cooperation, Jose Manuel Alparis Bueno.

The meeting took place in a tense political context in Spain, due to the fact that this morning Sanchez displaced a manager Center for National Intelligence (CNI), Paz Esteban, As a result of an espionage case that affected the Catalan government and the president himself.

“Spain and Argentina strongly condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine and show our full respect for international legitimacy and the multilateral system,” Sanchez said via networks. The military action of Vladimir Putin was one of the topics of the meeting held in Friendly and extended atmosphere more than expected, Because he was able to rebuild Infobae.

In addition to Cafiero, the official delegation consists of secretaries of international economic relations, Cecilia Tudica; strategic affairs, Gustavo Pelez; general presidency, Julius Fitobelloand the spokeswoman Gabriella Cerruti.

Before meeting with Macron in France, Alberto Fernandez will be received on Wednesday Olaf SchulzeThe Social Democrat who replaced Angela Merkel in the German government a few months ago. This will be the first formal meeting between the two countries, although they had already had informal contacts during the last G-20 summit.

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We must continue to strengthen the bilateral relations between Argentina and Germany. “We must work together for a more equal world,” the president wrote on Twitter when the German took office.

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