In 2021, the pandemic pushed Mexico to the third place in the world in short-term tourism

owner Tourism Secretariat (Sctor), Miguel TorokoHighlight that the health crisis caused by COVID-19 has taken off Mexico From place number seven to three in 2021 as a temporary tourist destination around the world, only under France and Italy.

“In a circumstantial way, the epidemic jumped from seventh to third at the end of last year global tourism power Circumstantial, just below France and Italy,” he explained at the opening of the exhibition “Arts and Colors of CDMX.”

He also stressed that “in all this tragedy of the pandemic, there are also strengths,” as more international tourists with high purchasing power have chosen to visit Mexico over the past year.

Miguel Torrico emphasized that despite “all the millions spent in the past on promotion, it failed to influence foreign tourism with high purchasing power”.

He explained that only in the last administration, from 2012 to 2018, there was a budget of 54 billion pesos for tourism promotion, “and despite this amount, it was not possible to influence foreign tourism with a high purchasing power.”

He emphasized that for this reason Mexico ranked seventh, at the end of 2018, in international tourism, “a far away 17 in foreign exchange attraction, and a very far 40 in per capita spending.”

The federal official said that this also revealed a historical strategic mistake in tourism diversification. Since 92.5 percent of foreign tourism visited only six places across the country: Cancun, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Los Cabos, Mexico City and Puerto Vallarta.

For this reason, he highlighted the importance of the current tourism policy with new products, such as the construction of the Mayan train, the expansion of others and the diversification of seating.

He emphasized that the timely response to the pandemic by the federal government, during the health crisis, allowed tourism to decline by only 46 percent; Less compared to 84 percent of other countries that compete with Mexico.

Torruco emphasized that due to the epidemic, a change in the characteristics of tourists in Mexico was observed; In the case of the citizen, a preference for places offering cultural attractions in the open air was noted; “There are magical cities benefit.”

While the change in the international tourist profile was manifested by the increase in the number of visitors from this sector, but with a wide purchasing power.

“The country was surprised to observe the protocols and discipline that restaurants, hotels and all service providers have; they rediscovered Canadian and American destinations. They broke their routine and this is a historic opportunity for Mexico.”


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