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For this, it is not necessary to download other applications but only requires the presence of a file a program updated. This resource is available for both Android (Google Play) Like iOS (Apple Store).

WhatsApp: How to mark a message as unread

This job will be for those Users who forgot to reply to a message.

1. Enter the WhatsApp application on the phone.

2. Find the conversation on the main screen.

3. Long press on chat.

4. A list will be displayed and click on “Mark as unread” option.

5- It will automatically appear as an unread message.

So you can read WhatsApp messages in “invisible mode” without installing the check

it’s possible Read messages and stay invisible For WhatsApp contacts with the simple fact of updating the app. It will not be necessary to disconnect from the Internet.

The first step is to maintain Tap on the cell phone screen to display the start menu, then do Click the widget. finally, Choose a WhatsApp app widget Put it on the cell phone screen.

The tool will allow you to see the platform’s activity in thumbnails. where you can View messages without having to enter the app.

Also, there is a possibility to reply to messages from the gadget. All you have to do is keep the message that gets to you stressed. When replying to a chat, The user will not appear online because he sent the message from the main screen.

It should be clarified that if you have a file Airplane mode is activatedYou will be able to read messages without installing.

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New WhatsApp Update: Invisibility Mode

Instant messaging company confirmed A new vanishing mode has arrived on stage. This is a feature that makes all conversations ephemeral.

By activating the “Invisibility” feature, All conversations have a seven-day expiration date, so privacy will no longer be an issue. Days passed The conversation will be deleted forever.

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