Immigrants scramble to enter the United States

Central American immigrants formed a stampede To forcefully enter the United States via the New International Bridge in Matamoros, Tamaulipas.

hundreds of foreigners The Venezuelans, Hondurans, and El Salvadorans managed to reach the line separating Matamoros from Brownsville, Texas.Desperate to get political asylum.

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Mexican authorities They could do nothing to contain the immigrants. who would gather in small groups, to later set out for the American side.

Through videos circulating on social networks, migrants can be seen loitering around the bridge so they can enter and Sneaking in a long line To the surprise of the people who were waiting by car or on foot, to go to the American side.

Given this, the The Mexican authorities decided to close the trading of vehiclesalthough it was impossible to prevent the large number of immigrants who kept entering.

When approaching the United States, Customs and Border protection called to stop themwhich they ignored.

women and meneven with children in their arms, They rushed screaming Without caring for the safety of the palace.

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Get to the CBP guard room They find the hurricane doors closedwhich they managed to unlock to continue advancing.

Video clip showing a CBP agent Try to stop the avalanche of people, which is impossible.

The migrants managed to enter with meters in front of themIt was contained by Customs and Border Protection personnel. So far, the US authorities have not released information about how many immigrants have managed to enter and whether they will be deported soon.

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