Image Cinema in favor of merging with La Laguna Rosa

In order to continue to promote a distributor that continues to stand out thanks to its altruistic character and promotion of values, cinematic image Adding to her catalog is director Juan Arce’s first feature, La Laguna Rosa.

Yesterday the alliance was celebrated from the offices of Ciudad Imagen where I was accompanied by a director cinematic imageBernardo Martínez, and the protagonist, Monica Arce, sign the agreement happy to continue finding allies to raise awareness and continue to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities.

“Producing an independent film in Mexico is not easy, but we are supported by many people, companies and institutions that have allied themselves, and along the way we find photo collection And Bernardo, and from the day we sat down there was an interest, but above all an understanding of what we wanted to communicate with this film,” Arce, the film’s director and producer, explained. Carpentry.

“It’s a movie since it came to me it’s been very easy to fall in love with what it means, it’s very much in line with the group’s values ​​of inclusivity, respect, love and freedom that the company promotes and that’s why the group is so interested in getting a big exposure.” Martinez added in an interview.

The story revolves around two brothers who are separated: Arturo, a superficial and vain young man, and Mariana, a gifted and imaginative girl with Down Syndrome.

When she seeks her brother’s help to go to a prestigious ballet competition in Merida and fulfill her dream as a dancer, it will take them on a journey full of reconnection and learning.

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The story is not far from reality, because in real life, Juan and Mónica share a close relationship as siblings, which led them to realize this dream together.

“I have always devoted myself to audiovisual things and suddenly one day Moni came to me and said: ‘Juan, I want to be an actress, I really like what you do. Why don’t we do something? And I said, ‘Well, it would be great if you could do something small, but when the movie started, I realized there were so many things I also wanted to tell about my experience and Moni’s experience growing up in the world and in Mexico that sometimes there aren’t many opportunities. For people with disabilities, this is the reality.

“So the truth is that everything comes from her and when we started with these (acting) exercises I realized something else: that I already had a wonderful actress on my hands, and the project always grew with her like an engine, with this way of seeing life, this heart, this desire that he puts into everything and finds the ‘yes’ to everything where the ‘no’ is sometimes too big,” highlighted the animated director.

In addition to motivating herself to live this adventure with her brother, it was also important for the heroine to release this film to continue opening a gap in the face of inclusion and to show people in her condition that they can achieve what they want to do. .

“I want to show people with disabilities just like me, that they can have goals, dreams, that they can make it happen. People who want to be actors can do things, they can be an actress, they can be a singer, they can do anything!

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“The part that I realized is that before I started this with Joan, I gave myself love because I have the self-esteem part and when you have love inside of you, you do that, and that’s what I did,” the actress celebrated.

The film was previously presented in international competitions such as the San Antonio Texas International Film Festival in the United States, where it won the award for Best Film and Best Actress, and at the Monterey International Film Festival it was awarded the Panorama Award, as a social recognition of the encounter. ..

And now, with the support of cinematic image It will endeavor to take the film to national cinemas and later to screens Pictures TV.

“In order for inclusion to really exist and this equal opportunity for people with disabilities, it is also on our part to provide for them as we should, so this film has always tried to do as professionally as possible with the resources we have and make most of them. , which I think is a value that is also present. photo collection a favour. This is proof that when things are done well, people believe, work, and get out,” the creator celebrated.

“I want to thank you, Joanne, for being my teacher, it’s my first time and when I did the scenes, he was a hard director, he said to me, ‘You can do it! And when somebody asks you, it’s because they love you and they want you to do it well, and that’s why I want to say thank you, Juan, for giving me love and so many opportunities,” said Monica.

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  • Imagen Cine has promoted other titles such as Almost a Bigscool and the animated film Las aventuras de Tommy.
  • The project had to be halted due to the pandemic, but he is back with this film and is already planning distribution and production of new works.

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