“I’m not married to Mexico”: Santiago Muñoz, the promise that the United States can beat the tricolor

Muñoz will play at Newcastle U-23 (Photo: Francisco Guasco/EFE)

Santiago Munoz It has been in the eyes of many over the past few weeks; First for his signature with Newcastle, now for his statements where Do not close the door to play with the US team, despite his participation in the lower categories with Mexico.

19-year-old soccer player Born in El Paso, TexasHowever, Mexico has represented cases of young people. In 2019, he played the FIFA U-17 World Cup in Brazil defending the tri-colored jersey alongside another player of dual nationality, Efrain Alvarez.

It’s not that I’m already married to Mexicohonestly no. I am very satisfied with everything I went through with the national team and of course it was difficult, but I don’t know what might happen in the future, and I am happy that it is being looked at by both teams. I’ll leave it up to God, but for now I’m here and I’m comfortable, then we’ll see later,” Muñoz said for ESPN.

Santiago Muñoz did not go to Tokyo 2020 with the Mexican delegation but did participate in the pre-Olympics (Image: Twitter / @santi_mr10)
Santiago Muñoz did not go to Tokyo 2020 with the Mexican delegation but did participate in the pre-Olympics (Image: Twitter / @santi_mr10)

Event processes turned out to be more “simple”, since the group of players is smaller and the chances of becoming champions increase; As time progresses and space is limited, the competition increases. The time will come when Muñoz will have to measure players like Santiago Giménez or Eduardo Aguirre, to name the names, for a place in the ultimate three colours.

“The truth is that a little more than a year ago I arrived in Santos Laguna, everything came very quickly. Of course I had thought about it (playing for the USA), but this opportunity came to me, and now I am focused on the Mexican national team,” Muñoz explained in U-17 World Cup time for ESPN.

Found Santos Muñoz At the tournament held in the United States, he participated and filled the eyes of lake viewers. Although I was born on American soil, Santi He developed his life in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua. His parents are US citizens, which could be an important factor in future decisions.

Santiago Muñoz (Photo: Twitter / @santi_mr10)
Santiago Muñoz (Photo: Twitter / @santi_mr10)

Arriving in Newcastle, Santiago Muñoz will not be in the top class. Instead of playing with the first division team, it would be U23 Team Strengthening. Their performance and the need to magpie bird They will determine if he makes the jump to the extreme circuit and be measured with the best.

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His performance in the “B” team would not go unnoticed by the selectors, be they Mexicans or Americans. At 19, he’s still a competitor and fit for the Olympics. It will reach Paris 2024 after 22 years And if you maintain the level you showed, it will be a piece that contributes to whatever country you decide to represent.

This is one of the other controversies between the United States and Mexico over footballers with dual citizenship. For an athlete, it is convenient, because he “has” more than one option. However, in the eyes of many they are critical decisions. Yes good Santiago did not wear the Stars and Stripes shirt, made clear that the future was uncertain, and left the door open. Who will have the last word is according to his ambitions and convictions.

Some would have preferred that through his statements he reasserted his position of being a Mexican national team and, while pleased, was not decisive in his position. He didn’t say what 17-year-old Santiago Muñoz said at one point: “Truth is pride, From a young age, I dreamed of wearing the Mexican national team shirt And I want to give everything” ESPN.

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