“I'm going to get in trouble.” Speaking about Bloodborne on PC, Miyazaki makes it clear that he's fully in favor of Souls reaching more players – Bloodborne

“I would like more players to be able to enjoy it,” says FromSoftware president and director of Bloodborne.

The topic of Bloodborne on PC has sparked debate for many years. in every PlayStation conferenceThousands of players are eagerly awaiting the announcement of its arrival on computers, but Sony does not seem to realize the importance Soulslike by FromSoftware. A lot of insistence came to Miyazaki, the game director and head of the development company.

Hidetaka Miyazakiknown for directing Elden Ring, Dark Souls saga, Sekiro, and Bloodborne, conducted an interview with computer games Part of the FromSoftware team was also present. The journalist asked the aforementioned method Bloodborne Director If you personally want to see the title on PC someday. Immediately afterwards, some members of the press room started laughing, and Miyazaki responded as follows.

“I know that for sure These guys want a PC port of Bloodborne. If I say I want one too I'm going to get in trouble. “But it's not something I'm opposed to,” he says. “Obviously, as one of the creators of Bloodborne, my personal and completely honest opinion is that I would love for more players to enjoy it.. “Especially since it's a game that's now coming of age, and it's one of those games from the past that's lost on older hardware,” he says.

Miyazaki wouldn't be opposed to a Bloodborne port on PC

Miyazaki continues his explanation. “I think in any game like this, it would be good to have him An opportunity for more players to try it And take this back Remnants of the past. to me, I will not object “Concludes the President of FromSoftware. In news related to this title, a few weeks ago we informed you that the new CEO of PlayStation is a fan of Bloodborne and single-player games.

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