Ikigai: 10 rules of style that give happiness

There are people who spend their lives finding a reason to live. Answers to four basic questions: What we want, what we’re good at, what the world needs, and how we can make a profit thus. According to Japanese culture, this is ikigai, the cornerstone of our lives that can give us happinessa purpose for life is not far from easy to find.

To find it, it is necessary to do a lot of meditation, talk to ourselves, and be completely honest in answering. You cannot pour your efforts into searching ikigai Unreal and frustrating, it is about being Realistic and honest. Once you have solved the four questions, the answer you get, your ikigai, must respect the balance between these four questions, because not doing so could get you in trouble. Emotional imbalance.

The mistake, on the other hand, is focusing life on finding that reason for being without stop on the way. According to Japanese culture, the secret to happiness lies in achieving your life purpose and enjoying the process of finding it. To get lost in the end goal without taking into account the process covered would be to skip a matador 10 bases of ikigai, and that would obviously prevent happiness.

10 ikigai rules

As described in the book Ikigai: Japan’s Secrets to a Long and Happy Life (Ed. Urano) Written by Francesc Miralles and Héctor García, there are 10 commandments to follow in order to find an ikigai who, as an addition, will allow us Live a fuller, healthier and longer life. Yes, you read that correctly: it is about finding meaning in your life, and living more and better.

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  1. stay active. The Japanese are characterized as people who do not know the sedentary lifestyle. Hence the always coming new fitness methods that promote a movement-based lifestyle, and although population surveys indicate that the majority of adults do not go to the gym, this does not mean that they do not move. One of the healthiest cardiovascular exercises is walking At a fast pace, that’s his specialty. On average, they walk 8,000 steps a day.
  2. slow life. This concept is much newer than Japanese tradition dictates, but it is the latest translation of “take it easy”. he carpe diem Of age translates into Japanese to say the same thing: enjoy every moment, enjoy everything you do, and of course, forget about it. multitasking.
  3. Hara Hachi Boo. It is the way of consciously feeding yourself that helps them not gain weight. The Japanese, most of whom remain agile, are trying to do just that eats up to 80% Its odds, and avoid that unhealthy feeling of heaviness and bloating we get in the West when we always eat everything on the plate.
  4. Connect with your loved ones. Surrounding yourself with people who deserve it translates to nurturing the relationships of your loved ones, a group that includes not only family but also friends, an important network of emotional well-being that balances your life.
  5. smiling. On many occasions, the West has used it as a parody formula, because the Japanese smile for a long time. But we would like this to be a reason to laugh at the rest of the world. As Fernando Vega de Siouan says: “The greatest determination is to smile, because if I smile, I am not angry. When I am angry, everything is polluted.”
  6. Celebrate an improved physique every year. The idea of ​​Japanese culture transcending is that as the years go by you don’t have to let yourself go and feel decadent, but rather strive for the opposite and take care of your body every new 365 days to be better than the present on each of your birthdays. In addition, the hormones that are released help you feel much better.
  7. Connect with nature. We are beings living on a planet where contact with the environment was lost a long time ago. Learning to live with nature will make us feel more alive and healthy, because the more we care about the environment, the more benefits we get for our health.
  8. Be thankful. Thank life, for those who make life easier for us, for foods that give you health… for everything that makes your day more pleasant. But above all, you are yourself, so don’t forget to be yourself Be gentle with yourself.
  9. present presence. Living in the past is sad and doing so while always focusing on the anguish of the future. Focus on the here and now so that your energy can flow.
  10. Feel your ikigai. Everyone has something they are passionate about and that gives them life, you just need to pay attention to the signs, listen to yourself, do some introspection and follow the path. It will help you to be happy.
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