If you were expecting Dino Crisis instead of Street Fighter 6, you can now download the new fan-made version

If Capcom continues to ignore the dinosaurs, society will be busy bringing them back.

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After you made us wait a few days, Capcom announces Street Fighter 6Which was great news for fans of the fighting genre. However, at the same time, many players were expecting announcements from some other franchises Dino Crisis One many people would like to see standing, Just as Capcom promised a few years ago. Although the company has not shown interest, fans have not given up on the saga, and this project shows us that Unreal Engine 4 Based on Dino Crisis 2.

The project is based on Dino Crisis 2Unlike the first installment, Dino Crisis 2 adopted an approach that is closer to Action, partially abandoning the survival horror genre. With that in mind, Stefano Kanani Believe Dino Crisis 2 – Forest of Silence, a demo based on the Capcom title using a third-person camera where we control Dylan, one of the protagonists in this episode. Just like the original game, this soldier must survive in a jungle full of dinosaurs and other dangers.

Although it is not a representation that includes everything seen in the original game, this project allows us to see that it is possible to adapt Dino Crisis into the modern era, because despite living in the shadow of vampireThe Equation Both franchises are quite similar, so Capcom could implement in this forgotten saga what has been seen with a remake RE2 And the RE3.

“I enjoyed recreating 3D environments and dinosaurs in a third-person shooter,” Kagnani said. If you need to get your years back with Dino Crisis, You can download now Jungle of Silence in the indie play store ItchSuch as Recently heavier NFTs in video games.

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