If you see this when opening a can of sardines, dispose of it immediately.

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This is often said Canned food (or canned food) usually has a shelf life of 5 yearsBut the truth is that often, The presence of industrial defects that prevent its consumption.

This is what happens with cans of sardines or any other fish you can think of: if you open one of those cans and it has any A sign of poor preservationThe best thing you can do is get rid of it to avoid illnesses like food poisoning.

Signs that a can of sardines is bad

  • The cover moves up or down: If storage and preservation are appropriate, it should not be moved at all.
  • The case has a bump: The airtight seal may not be enough and the food inside is in poor condition, with bacteria that can endanger your life.
  • The case has rustedeither due to humidity or any other factor.
  • The box is swollen, either due to an internal freeze or any other reason. The bacterium Clostridium botulinum, which causes food poisoning, causes food to spread.
  • There are bubbles or foam when opening the box.
  • bad smell.

In any of these cases, throw the can in the trash and do not consume it.. You may endanger your life even though it seems that the product has not yet expired.

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