If you love Stranger Things, this movie will charm you. It’s only for the brave and it’s on HBO Max

If you are one of those people who have been fascinated by the production of Netflix “Weird things” And with its plot full of horror, sci-fi, and suspense, you will surely love this movie and it is a title that has sparked outrage within the platform. hbomax, It is considered one of the essential creations if you are a follower of bloody cinema, which in turn has inspirations from science fiction and even comedy.

We are talking about “cheerful” , Or its title in Spanish “Fun: Wild Ride” A comedy-horror film directed by Eugene Kotlyarenko. The American movie was released in 2020 in Sundance Film Festivalan international cinematic event held annually in the capital of the state of Utah, United States, awarding mainly horror films, documentaries and science fiction.

Perfect suggestion for “Stranger Things” fans.

This production is an excellent choice for fans of horror and suspense and for fans of the successful world series “Stranger Things”, because “Spree” stars one of the most beloved actors in the history of the Demogorgon of Hawkins: Joe Kerry.

Some considered this tape “disturbing”. Photo: imdb

Within this movie on HBO Max, the actor who gives life Steve Harrington In the Netflix series, he now plays the character Kurt Kunkle, the protagonist of this dark comedy and with scenes honoring gory cinema, i.e. gory.

What is the movie about?

follow life Kurt Kunkel, a topic obsessed with social networks, who decided in an attempt to spread virally to take advantage of his time working as a taxi driver via the application, however, the idea that comes to his mind is probably not the best, because it consists of killing his passengers while filming the gruesome act on video. Despite this, he does not win viewers, so his level will rise to the point where it seems that there will be no return for him, but everything will change when he meets a quirky comedian on his way.

The film also stars Sasheer Zmata and David Arquette. Kyle Money and Misha Barton. It was produced by Drake and after its premiere it received mixed reviews, although specialists praised the performance of Keri The premise of the movie. Below we show you the trailer for this movie that will give you goose bumps.


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