If you are looking for something that you can see, read and hear, Josefina Mosley gives you the recommended ones

In the cultural column José Moseley gives us his recommendations. The United States vs. Billie Holiday, The Hidden Life Between Books and in Music to the great Natalia Lafurcade.

“It’s a movie that, as its name says, takes on the life of famous American singer Billie Holiday. Who plays Billie Holiday is actually an Andra Day singer, he’s really brilliant as a singer, and he has an incredible voice, which breaks it up like Billie Holiday, the debut of Andra Day is practically surprising “

“The book is entertaining, and easy to read for the weekend. The movie revolves around a young woman who works in a used bookstore, loves books and is completely antisocial, has no family, no friends, and sometimes goes out with a boy but walks away when There is a possibility of something emerging in seriousness. 15 years ago something happened in his family that changed his life and made it the way it is today … “

Natalia Lafurcade began singing at the age of three, to show her love for music since her parents dedicated to it. She began taking lessons in music, painting, piano, flute, theater, dance, guitar and singing and at the age of seventeen already signed a contract to work on her album named Natalia Lafurcade. By 2012, he already had five albums with participations such as Julieta Venegas, Miguel Boss, Papasonicus, Vicentico, Drexler.

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