If you also hate modern soccer in games, you can purchase Intro to Sensible Soccer on Steam

After more than 30 years, the ziggurat has re-released MicroProse Soccer, a game that the authors of Sensible Soccer created before its success.

The Football Games, Like sports in real life, It has changed a lot in recent years. And there are more similarities than meets the eye. Before, we would see players like him on the field Tatu Monastery And the games were just Pixel bag with dolls Shallow and white dot moving like a ball across a green mat. Now, everything is more complicated; Football professionals They crush his body and use propaganda toolsAnd video games are so realistic that they are almost difficult Distinguish whether the match is real or virtual.

MicroProse was the first soccer game from the creators of Sensible SoccerBut, nevertheless, in the middle of 2021, classic soccer video games, as with the MicroProse Football, A 1988 game that can be classified as a precedent Reasonable footballOne of the most popular licenses. It was first shown on Steam. The game is First title developed by Sensible Software, Who touched glory later with the aforementioned game. You could argue that MicroProse Soccer was a friendly match before the Grand Final; And now everyone can try it and get close to a business that went unnoticed in the 1990s.

MicroProse is launched in the United States with the name Keith Van Iron Football AssociationIn case it sounds more, it has the same sensory mechanics as soccer. Arcade spirit and games that were fun for runners from a vertical perspective. It was released in the late 1980s on Commodore 64 and PC. Now, he tries to get close to the new generations which most veterans remember at other times. After 30 years, Ziggurat re-released it on Steam so that the whole world knows what early soccer video games looked like.

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You can purchase MicroProse Soccer now Through her Steam page, And with a discount launch it costs just over 3 euros. You can also review some The best soccer video games ever.

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