If the ratings are met, the movie could break all records for a Hollywood production based on a video game

There’s half a month left until the animated movie premiere, and everything is good news for the Illumination movie so far.

Let the good streak continue. A few days ago we found out The Last of Us broke all HBO audience records in Spain, which isn’t saying much considering it was the home of Game of Thrones and hugely influential series like Euphoria. But that may not be the only video game mod credited to recordings this year: Super Mario Bros movie She’s been going strong and her ratings are enormous.

according to Pick up the deadlinethe animated film gross is projected to reach From 85 to 90 million dollars during the first five days of forecasts in the United States. The number could be even more massive because it’s about conservative forecast margin. To put it in context, Sonic the hedgehog 2 It collected $72.1 million in its opening weekend, slightly less than last year, though it did so in just three days. For its part, Super Mario Bros. (1993) beloved just over $20 million during its entire run in theaters 30 years ago now.

Of course, the ban on critics is still being lifted, which, if it is too negative, can negatively affect the performance of the film, but given that there is something behind it. lighting (dependencies)which used to be one of the few studios able to compete at the box office with Disney and Pixar, it’s hard not to imagine in a few weeks’ time news of the “Super Mario Bros. movie is already the most successful video game movie adaptation in history.”

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Super Mario Bros.! The film invites viewers to discover it A fresh and lively world where there is no shortage of humor and action And where Mario has to go on an epic quest to find Luigi. With the help of the local Mushroom Toad and some fighting skills from the Mushroom Kingdom’s leading warrior, Princess Peach, Mario discovers all the power within him. Super Mario Bros.! The movie opens March 31st.

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