If Fallout 4’s surviving mutants aren’t enough, in this Silent Hill mode you’ll face all your worries

The first chapter from Whispering Hills is now available, and you can download it for free on your PC.

A few words of interest among horror fans like “silent HillRumors never stop, but they never happen. And in this foggy atmosphere of the saga, interesting proposals like the ones we present to you appear now. Whispering Hills It’s the Ministry of Defense Fallout 4 Which transforms the grisly, barren land of Bethesda into a world of fog and darkness. A reality where mutants and androids give way to it Scary creatures, And is always hiding.

Whispering Hills episode 1 was created by Mangaclub and Fallout 4 turned into Silent Hill-style nightmareOr so their creators assert: “From now on, you will be surrounded by dense fog and strange sounds, and sometimes you will see To another world Monsters (SirenHead, Mumblers, Lyingfigures, Ghouls, Silent Hill Nurses, Twin Head Screamers and Dogs) await, and Top of the pyramid It also awaits you on its infernal level. “

Whispering Hills for Fallout 4. Photo: Mangaclub

Yes, the adjustment It combines special and modern creations Features classic monsters from the Konami series, including the iconic Pyramid Head, which, in the absence of new games, makes cameos modern In games like Dead by Daylight. But, back in this mode, Whispering Hills presents 10 types of fog Different from the game, new Surroundings are taken from Silent Hill and New Mission Series Which includes non-playable characters with their own voice, along with A. new city To explore. If you dare enter, of course.

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This first chapter adds to the game The first half of the city mentioned, A recreation of Centralia, Pennsylvania (Silent Hill used it as inspiration), as well as a detailed recreation of Midditch Primary School, From the first Silent Hill. If it catches your attention, you can Download the mod From NexusMods, forgive the repetitions. We remind you that Fallout 4 is a goal Class action lawsuit against Bethesda, Which can delay Purchased by Microsoft.

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