Identification of the bodies of the parents of the Argentine photographer

Miami-Dade police confirmed this The bodies of the parents of the Argentine photographer, Graciela Catarossi, have been found Amidst the ruins of a collapsed building on Thursday in Surfside. They are Graciella Catarossi, 86, and Gino Catarossi, 89.

The photographer was found on Saturday and hours before the identity of her 7-year-old daughter, Stella, who was rescued by the girl’s father, a city firefighter working on rescue missions, came to light.

Graciela and Stella were at the time of the breakup, 1:23 a.m., in Apartment 501 of the South Tower of the Champlain Towers condominium. There was also the photographer’s parents (Gino and Graziella) and her sister Andrea, an architect who lives in Pilar have been visiting Miami, no word on it yet.

At first, the body of Stella was found, which was rescued from the rubble by the girl’s father, who was separated from Graciela and did not live in the building. Firefighter by profession in Miami-Dade, He volunteered to work in the rescue as soon as he learned that his daughter was one of the missing In the breakdown of 55 apartments out of a total of 136.

A nearby wall honors the memory of the victims of this tragedy in Miami. (EFE)

Fire Department spokesman Capt. Ignatius Carroll said the force’s 2nd Florida team in Miami found the girl’s body Thursday night and that her father is a 10-year-old veteran of the department.

“When he knew we were close to his lover’s place, then He stood next to some of his fellow firefightersCarol explained.

The girl’s father who was with her brother on the spot, He covered the body with his jacketHe put a small American flag on it and took it out of the place. He was escorted by Florida Task Force 2 and a group of police and firefighters lined the side of the road, according to Miami-based “Local 10” media.

Although a 7-year-old girl was included in the official list of deaths from the tragedy, at the request of the family, Stella’s name was not officially announced. But she began to resound in the media in Miami.

The girl’s identity was later confirmed by Clarion through various sources. According to this reporter, Mariela Porras, the Nicaraguan friend of Graziela, who lives in Miami, told this reporter a few days ago, The father had a confrontation in court with his daughter’s photographer.

In fact, Porras met Graciela through an ordinary lawyer who handled these kinds of cases. After the body was found, Boras declined to comment.

Rescuers had to suspend work until they could demolish what was left of the building.  (AFP)

Rescuers had to suspend work until they could demolish what was left of the building. (AFP)

Another friend of Graciela’s, Catherine Ronnie Vera, told the Miami Herald that her children attended Von Wedel Montessori School with Stella. He noted that Graciela’s dedication to her daughter was “unparalleled” and that Stella had always been her priority.

She said that mother and daughter were very close and that they shared a bed. Vera wondered if her friend had woken up before the disaster and protected her daughter: “I hope you can put your arms around your little girl“, He said.

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As evening fell, the police identified Graciela Catarossi as one of the victims of the tragedy.

Graciela’s niece, Nicole Mejia, has launched an initiative on GoFundMe to help the Cattarossi family with donations to deal with these dramatic moments, especially Andrea’s three children who are “missing their brave mother,” the petition says.

Among the Argentines still wanted are Plastic surgeon Andres Galfrascoli, 44 years old, your partner Fabian Nunezand 55 and Their daughter Sophia, 5 years.

The lawyer resides in another country Nicole “Nikki” Langsfield, 27, with her Venezuelan husband. In another photo, physics student Ilan Nayprive, 21, was with his Puerto Rican girlfriend.

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