I was excited about Biomutant and after this game I need to play it now

We’ve talked a lot about the Biomutant, but we’ve never had a clearer vision of what an RPG adventure has to offer in the open world. One of the most awaited video games of the moment that hard not to be thrilled with. There are many reasons for this as we tell you in this special.

I have written a lot about this last year Biomutant I understand that more than one of you thinks everything has already been said about this promising game Action RPG And an open world. Nothing is further from reality. After much talk, but little show, team Experience 101 THQ Nordic has finally introduced a comprehensive video gameplay that offers fairly complete visibility into what we can expect from a game Archery and martial artsMy impressions are very positive. Those of you who know me already know I’ve been passionate about this frantic action game for a long time, but it was essential to see it in action, to notice in detail the essence of its RPG, fighting and exploring its open world and the desire to play heightened the rage. I need to lose myself in this crazy world inhabited by mutated raccoons and other strange creatures that are so colorful, and unique, that if they don’t try to kill you, they will be the perfect pet.

Before getting into the topic, I think it’s important to remember that Biomutant has transformed from a Diablo-style game into an open-world action RPGAnd this essence of role-playing is very evident not only in Create our protagonist But also, in the massive array of weapons and defensive items we can use to survive the chaos. “It’s an RPG, it’s obviously an action-focused game, but the stats matter,” commented its manager. Stefan Leungkvist. exist Six races They can be chosen with significant changes in their basic stats, such as the dominance of the body over the mind or resistance to certain types of damage; And then we have Five seasons A character with other very specific traits will determine his fighting style. The commando, for example, has a damage-range bonus, while Psi Freak becomes powerful in using psychological powers, at the cost of losing physical stamina.

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Work and Exploration at the Biomutant

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It’s an RPG with a clear focus on action, but the stats matterStefan LeungkvistFrom what I can see, not to play, there are quite a few variants, because you have the option to go down to the details and completely configure all the features of a hero, but what I love is that this option, at Biomutant, is not limiting you. Experience 101 guarantees that this is true Multilayer game This “does not place barriers to the player”; Combine weapons as you wish, tweak your DNA as you see fit, and always strive to make yourself strong in your style of play. And when it comes to fighting, I think that would be cool because the Biomutant match promises to be really fun. With A style reminiscent of Devil May Cry or BayonettaYou can instantly alternate firearms, swords and martial arts, plus unique skills you’ll learn in the adventure. I refer to the gameplay accompanying these lines. There are even simulated movements Shooting Max PayneThat won me already.

And then you have an enormous amount of Unique weapons and items To equip your character. I was amazed by its design, so weird, so Mad Max; Leather jackets full of patches, or weapons made from scissors, umbrellas and tons of trash. As usual in RPGs, there are popular, rare, unique and legendary items; Some even have the option to add modifiers to improve certain features. And then we have the freedom to Modify and create weapons Using the resources we find in this wonderful open world of 64 square kilometers which also surprised me with great pleasure for its colorful and amazing art and design, but also A variety of environments This promises.

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There is everything from ruined cities to areas of swamps and green meadows and even underground sewers. And in each region you will find distinct and even enemies Puzzles, Very simple, but this one seeks to give a variety of action in a video game reminiscent in many respects of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It’s something that not even the biomutant authors hide, although there are differences.

I am fascinated by its design, so weird, so Mad Max. I want to lose myself in this crazy world that mutated raccoons inhabit
Biomutant Xbox One

BiomutantBiomutant Xbox One

Just like in the Nintendo game, the Exploration is free. Practically from the start of the adventure, they give you the freedom to go where you want without directing your steps. It’s up to you. the mission? Access the Tree of Life to save it (or not) from destruction, which includes defeating four large monsters that guard it. The main objectives will be reflected in the map, and we will know where to go, but Biomutant wants you to explore, get lost, and go from place to place in search of adventure, which is why its world is full of secrets and side quests. These arise naturally. Perhaps they discover a refuge and this leads to a series of tasks assigned to them; Or, maybe you talk to a specific character who assigns you tasks that end in an epic fight. Each activity will have rewards that go beyond just giving you experience, and the best thing is that you have it Decision powerBecause your actions will affect the world around you, how they see you, and the skills you use.

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While you are free to go wherever you want, there will be areas that require unique items and equipment to survive. The best example of this is the deposit. You can enter a polluted area, but if you don’t protect yourself, you will die. And when you suffer from these effects, the game sends you elsewhere in search of what you need. And now what I need is a Biomutant at home, because as you can see in the video that accompanies this special, I’m really excited about what this RPG video game has to offer. Its open world is attractive, it is very beautiful, but it also invites you to want to lose yourself in it and explore it well. There are so many secrets, so many enemies to fight, and the feeling that what we’ve seen so far is just the tip of the iceberg.

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We just have to wait a few weeks until May 25 To be able to enjoy Biomutant on PC, Xbox One and PS4. Until then, be patient, because I feel the wait is worth it.

Biomutant Keys

  • An open world of about 64 square kilometers with a great variety of biomes
  • An action RPG with a combat system reminiscent of Devil May Cry
  • Six tribes and five character classes to choose from.
  • Freedom to explore without limits – loads of secrets and side quests.
  • Lots of weapons and defense equipment that you can upgrade and craft.
  • The artistic section of the most striking, with a photo mode for taking pictures.

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