“I wanted to get off quickly,” said the man who opened the emergency door of an Asiana Airlines plane mid-flight.

A passenger opened an airplane door mid-flight

The guy who opened this Friday Emergency door of a South Korean commercial airliner Minutes before the plane landed at Daegu International Airport, about 240 kilometers southeast of Seoul, he told police he did so because He felt exhausted and wanted to get off as quickly as possiblelocal media reported.

The person felt that the flight took longer than it should and felt suffocated inside the cabin.He told the news agency France Press agency Daegu Police Detective.

The passenger, who was still being held, took advantage of the fact that the cabin crew had sat down and fastened their seat belts in preparation for landing, and opened the plane’s door for more than 200 metres.

An official from the South Korean Ministry of Transport confirmed that this was the “first such incident” that they were aware of in the history of Korean aviation. (AP)

This caused panic among the plane’s passengers, as evidenced by videos taken by some passengers and posted on social media.

In one of the videos it is shown how the wind enters the plane with force, moving the backs of the seats and ruffles the hair of the passengers, who scream in fear.

A South Korean plane lands safely after the door was opened during the flight

It was chaos. People near the gate seemed to have fainted, and flight attendants were calling doctors on board.L declared Yonhap 44-year-old passenger.

I thought the plane was going to explode. I thought I would die like this.”

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He was among the passengers there A group of teenagers They were on their way to a track meet.

Yonhap Other passengers were quoted as saying so He suffered severe ear pain After opening the door. He said that some members of the flight crew called for the help of passengers to prevent the door from opening.

official who Ministry of Transportation from South Korea told AFP that “The first incident of its kind Which they were aware of in the history of Korean aviation.

Among the passengers was a group of teenagers on their way to a track meet. (Reuters)

At first the man refused to speak during the interrogation but eventually told the authorities Recently he has been feeling very stressed after losing his job And that he was suddenly overwhelmed by surprise inside the plane.

Once the initial questioning is completed, the police plan to ask A.J Arrest warrantor for a man violate the aviation safety lawwhich can carry penalties of up to 10 years in prison in South Korea.

none of 194 passengers Those on board were injured during landing however Dozen experienced hyperventilation Nine were hospitalized without a serious diagnosis.

(with info from EFE and AFP)

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