“I want Christina to drive by popular vote.”

The chief suggested that he would compete. He argued that Peronism should end the method of “sitting for two or three and saying ‘OK, now it’s up to such-and-such to be the driver'” and was questioned about his case in 2019.

president Alberto Fernandez He returned from his trip to the United States and gave an extensive streamed interview on YouTube, in which he hinted at the future of the Frente Todos presidential candidacy. In this sense, it is suggested that Christina Kirchner wants to “lead” she must do so “by popular decision”which was read as a direct reference to Go a few steps with the cum.

The head of state was invited to the YouTube channel rebord method, In which the broadcaster Tomás Rebord extensively interviews the relevant personalities. In this context, he said it was necessary to “democratize” Peronism.

The more democracy we add to Peronism, the better. This idea that the Peronists have no candidates…we have thousands Of the candidates, you just have to encourage them,” said the president.

In this context, the president referred to Christina Kirchner, whom he is alienated from again today. In outline of the vice president’s criticism: “My problem is not whether Christina drives or not. I want her to drive by popular decision.”

He added: “I am I want to lead if people say I leadImmediately afterward, he asserted, what the movement cannot continue to do is sit down “two or three and say ‘OK, now it’s up to such-and-such to be the driver.

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Alberto Fernandez against the opposition: “They tried to get him to hand over Cristina, he would never do it, he didn’t deserve it”

On the other hand, Fernandez revealed a request that the “opposition” was going to present to him, and he did not hear it with proper names: “For years she tried to convince me to hand it over to Christina.” “I would never do that,” he added, because the vice president “didn’t deserve it.”

In this context, he spoke of advice given to him by Pope Francis when he took office, linking it to the judicial status of the vice president.

“Of all the advice I have heard, there is one that I followed in the letter the Pope gave me. You are going to have a hard time,” he told me. All I ask of you is They will pull it from all sides, Before responding, swallow saliva and count to ten.

The president said Francisco’s recommendation was taken “to the letter” and assessed that it served him because he did not follow the advice. “He could have broken the political space.”

“The worst thing that could happen, as an Aries, is that I would let myself get carried away with impulsiveness, reaction and To break the calm or political space“, I confess.

The interviewer went further in the revelation and asked him in what situations he felt “a pull from something.” Fernandez replied, “So many times, but I did what I thought I had to do.”

He continued with his ad of “screwing”. I’m not talking about my political space, I’m talking about it Also from the opposition that years ago tried to convince me to hand it over to Christina”shown.

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Fernandez emphasized that the opposition does not know him, because “that (extra Cristina) will never do that.” “Mainly because Christina doesn’t deserve it, not because I wouldn’t, but because she doesn’t deserve it.”he added.

He also said that “many times” he was pulled by his forces to make decisions he did not agree with, The International Monetary Fund is an exampleSo Maximo Kirchner resigned from his post as head of the official office of deputies.

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