“I should have left before Formula 1”

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How did everything change for Fernando Alonso. The Asturian is happy once again to experience a Formula 1, but his reality was very different in 2018. This was the year he, falter, decided to put an end to his stage in big circus Having lost the illusion, as he himself realized many times. About it, the two-time world champion talks about his departure.

Fernando Alonso is the hero of an interview with the newspaper the team. In it, he recounts his frustration at not having been involved in the struggle for a third world championship for years and how it took him to make the decision to leave Formula 1: “No regrets. No regrets. Nothing. Maybe it is anyway. Too late.”

He hopes that in 2022 he will jump with Alpine to the spots at the top of the grid, but looking at him he realizes he had to leave before 2018: “I left too late. I should have left earlier. Now it’s easy to say but I shouldn’t have waited.” Until 2018. I should have done it in 2015 or 2016. Two years before that. To test the Dakar and the resistance. It took a while for it to mature, maybe too much,” he says.

This means that in Fernando Alonso’s head it was already two or even three years before competing in other disciplines such as Dakar Rally waves 24 hours from Le Mans.

Fight FIA

Regarding other issues, Fernando Alonso talks about his own struggle with some of the decisions made by the FIA, recently in United States GPand that on occasions they harmed him in his career: “I have always tried to fight injustice and there has always been a dependence on nationalities either by punishment or by the application of custom.”

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As an example, he gave what happened at the 2012 World Championship, in which he competed at Ferrari against Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull, who ended up taking the title: “We knew their front wing was very flexible but they won five or six races. Until they did. Check it out. And she was banned. She lost the 2012 World Cup by three points.”

These are different times and that desperation that drove him to shine through tense moments like the ‘GB2 Engine’ moment with Honda, there is no trace. His focus is on the next season. Fernando Alonso believes he will be able to be among the favorites once again.

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