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With this production, Michaela Cowell became the first African-American woman to win an Emmy for Best Screenplay.


British actress and screenwriter Michaela Coyle I was writing the second season of the series gum When something happens to him that will change his life.

One day I took a break from work and went out for a drink with a friend. The next morning, he woke up and started to sleep Memories of the past. Michaela realized they had put something in her drink and They were sexually assaulted.

This actual experience became the basis of a new series broadcast on the BBC, may destroy youWritten, co-directed and starred in the tournament. “It took me two and a half years to write it and I didn’t do any other work,” he said on the radio show. NewSpet, from the BBC, in an interview published by this medium in July of the previous year.

In this miniseries – also available on HBO – Arabella (a character played by Coyle) is a young London-based writer who became a Twitter celebrity for her self-published book. Millennium records fed up, As she recounts a series of memories during a relationship with friends, she discovers over the course of the story that she was drugged and sexually abused.

The series explores an issue sexual consent In contemporary life and how to distinguish in the new field the relations between emancipation and exploitation.

Michaela’s character in may destroy you, goes through a series of states and emotions, including humor, to process what happened to her, which is in her opinion It reflects your experience.

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“We respond to painful and exciting situations in so many different ways, it’s not always self-pity,” he says.

“Sometimes we get into A deep denial and not that we beg people to believe us, but that people are actually asking us to believe what happened to us.”

Arabella, with the help of two friends, finds out where she was attacked and by whom. “The whole series is about that moment when your consent was stolen and opportunity was lost when you had the will to make a decision,” Michaela says. But “pointing to ourselves and blaming ourselves is less helpful.”

“We need to be kinder to each other and forgive each other for the times we haven’t said it loud enough.”

may destroy you He was praised not only for presenting a A different view of what a woman goes through after sexual assault, but also of having a heroine that doesn’t fit the stereotype.

Emmy Awards 2021

The 33-year-old actress shocked audiences this weekend with her speech after winning an Emmy for Screenplay for Outstanding Miniseries. This recognition also made her the first African American woman to receive this award.

“Write the story that makes you uncomfortable, the story that scares you. I challenge you. In this world that tempts us to look into the lives of others to help us better define how we should feel about ourselves, which in turn makes us feel the need to be visible at all times, because These days, vision seems to somehow equate to success. Do not be afraid to disappear from yourself, from everyone for a while, and see what appears in the silence. He said at the party that I dedicate this story to every single person who survived sexual assault.

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Who is Michaela Cole?

Michaela Moses Ioraba or Bouaki Collinson, her real name is of Ghanaian descent and she was born in the United Kingdom. She is known professionally as Michaela Coyle and sHe made a $1 million bid from Netflix to bring his 12-episode project to TV.

Instead, he decided to work on a co-production with BBC and HBO.And To tell your own story of sexual abuse in a fictional story.

In addition to this, he has also acted in other films and series such as‘For a long time (2018), ‘black mirror’(2017), ‘Aliens’ (2016), senior boy’ (2013) Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi (2017).

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