‘I have been harassed and demonized’

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Emily Bridges The transgender British cyclist has become one of the greatest champions of world sport in recent days. the case Leah Thomas He is now embodied in his personality after the confrontation he had with United Kingdom and with Intensive care unit.

The runner has been included in the list of runners eligible to compete in UAE Nationals Britain. However, after a short time, International Cycling Federation He began studying the case and ended up refusing his participation, as they considered it unfair for him to compete among women due to his background.

After these moments of doubt and hesitation, Emily decided to break her silence to denounce the complicated situation she was in. Through a shocking statement, he first showed his surprise at not being able to compete in the national championship, which was one of his great dreams in the 2022 season.

Emily Bridges and Rachel McKinnon

“You have given so much British cycling Regarding the UCI medical evidence that I have met the eligibility criteria for transgender cyclists, including that my testosterone limit has been well below the limit set by regulations over the past 12 months. Despite the public announcement, I remain unclear about their decision on my disqualification.”

As if that wasn’t enough, the transgender cyclist from the UK has also deplored the treatment she has received from some media outlets and from fans who have criticized and disrespected her character. She considers herself another athlete and therefore deserves all the respect in the world. However, many took the opportunity to turn their hatred of her and show her meanness.

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Emily’s complaint

“I’m an athlete and I just want to be competitive again. No one should have to choose between being who they are and participating in the sport they love.” A very clear complaint from Emily tells how she has been persecuted in recent days after her case has spread and become known worldwide, something she does not know how to deal with and this is causing her some anxiety and an obvious mental disability.

Emily Bridges with her bike and the passing flag

Emily Bridges with her bike and the passing flag


“I was relentlessly harassed and demonized,” she denounced in reference to the treatment she received by some media outlets, about which she stated that she “wrote stories about her to increase her traffic.”

Finally, she maintains that no one has thought of her or the people who find themselves in a similar situation to her or Leah Thomas’s. He believes that it is always necessary to remember that behind some news or some controversy, athletes also feel and suffer because of their lives and careers: “All this without worrying about the welfare of marginalized people or groups, and others remain to be pieced together by their actions. My privacy has been completely violated by Speculation about my eligibility and fairness to compete.”

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