“I feel like my life is in danger, we have very strong and cloudy people in front of us,” said the woman who has denounced Christian Pavone for sexual assault.

Testimony of Marisol, the woman who denounced Christian Pavone for sexual assault

Gisela Marisol DoyleThe woman who denounced the attacker Christian Pavon On the sexual assault, talk again about the reason he investigated it The Prosecutor’s Office of Alta Gracia, in charge of Alejandro Peralta Autonello. In an interview with C5NAnd the He reviewed the events that took place “on November 1, 2019, in one of the booths of a close friend of his.” Marisol accuses the Boca attacker of “harassment, abuse and intimidation for more than an hour” in the bathroom, and he “agreed to force the door”.

You have been in rehab for a long time; This situation I am facing now makes me relive that moment. I took the time to strengthen myself and confront this situation with the attorneys who support this case. And when they saw that I was ready to file a complaint, we did it on November 25th. On December 3, I confirmed the complaint, provided evidence, and the investigation phase began there, ”he mentioned the steps.

A week ago, his caring attorneys asked the judge to prevent Pavone from leaving the country due to the established possibility that he could go to LA Galaxy at MLS. The soccer player underwent surgery in the last hours for cirrhosis of his ankles, an intervention that will not prevent his transfer to football in the United States. “After I was not summoned to testify, I ask you to accept his statement and order him to be held in pretrial detention because there are strong indications of the risk of escaping or obstructing the investigation.”It was stated in the letter presented by attorney Luciano Bartolome Poco. The law firm that works with the footballer has denied that there are restrictions on his client’s freedoms.

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Requests for pretrial detention and a ban on leaving the country that were requested were rejected by the justice system, and there is no restriction on them This prevents you from moving internally, entering or leaving the country, as this is intended to convince you. ”

“I feel powerful people enjoy impunity, and I am not one with him, I am a simple girl who attended a party to meet him and have a good night, and it was perverted. I feel like my life is in danger, there are people who are cloudy to the front, very strong, and they have a lot of money. Marisol added, noting that she presented “witnesses, audio recordings and letters confirming what happened at the party.” In addition, Pavon stated, “There are those who cover up and defend him and will not tell the truth about what he saw; His friends and his environment were at that party, but there were those around him who joined together to be a witness. It was difficult for me to convince these people to support me. ”

“It is disgraceful to me that a player who has been denounced for sexual assault with physical access, an anomaly that I remember every day, can be given the opportunity to leave the country to be able to work, because they will give him an event with other players. The end.

“On behalf of his family they did not contact me, on behalf of the club they did not contact me either, at least to find out how I am and how I feel. I do not claim that they are defending me because Pavon is their legacy. When I found out that Boca is welcoming him as king there I say what happened on social networks.”

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