I come from playing something that, while linear and story-focused, would look very different from your computer to my computer.

the Music in video games It is somewhat difficult to implement. We all remember those songs from FromSoftware when a big boss appears that will blow you up with pleasure. Perhaps the attention Naughty Dog takes when composing their immortal works. It’s moments of pure spectacle that are embodied in these sequences: the fight b president Finally, chase… Miasma Records He wanted to change that by sacrificing a distinctive soundtrack for a Changing musicAnd immersive So be it Different According to the departure of each one. Depending on what you and I do in it.

I was able to play a little bit in the final version of Bearded ladies. this RPG alternating with 505 James On top of the distribution plans, the playable rules of a Mutant Year Zero: The Road to Eden Something for the common people has disappeared. Personally, the heir – not a competitor – is very worthy XCOM. Of course, and though there was nothing dissonant or otherwise, it was the music that caught my attention. sinner? Elijah 4which is a program that seeks to grant the fund in terms of Adaptive music.

Dynamic or adaptive music has been with us for years. Even the first Super Mario Bros. , albeit suddenly, already flirting with changing music, for example, Modify the audio track when the super star is caught —and then return to the previous topic once its effects wear off. In that 1985, that was it prattle. However, we are talking about ready-made music, of standard duration to avoid repetition, pre-composed and included in the game. And so, as soon as the program analyzed, indeed, we have detected the star, it played the already prepared melody.

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With Miasma Chronicles Elias You play in a different league, which also has its drawbacks, as I will also comment. As we can read on their website, The program used allows the implementation of dozens of melodies, some discordant, others with a different instrument, so that Elias 4 reacts according to what we play. In other words, it doesn’t look all that different from what the mustachioed plumber was already doing 38 years ago. It’s how a piece of music ends up in the game that’s a notable change.

The program interprets when the player enters, loses or wins a battle, as well as when the user is in a difficult situation. Elias 4 plays a song according to each moment however Not always the same. It is the software that decides, according to certain criteria, how the mix should appear. for him experimental early It makes it clear: the composer decides what to include in the game or what melodies to use, but their final representation falls within the domain of Elias 4.

This means that There are not many known topics In Miasma Chronicles. There, pre-recorded and written to accompany the already planned sequences. It’s those playable scenes where we each play in one way or another that shines with Despair 4. The immersion, in and of itself, is brutal, but it’s this unique quality that stands out. A task done by an AI based on a human project of it Goal the Immersion and exclusivity.

An evolutionary step that needs work. In the end, one Tune Let it stay in our minds Earn much more than a random configuration. This is obvious, and someone has the soundtrack The Last of Us Part 2 in the background while typing. However, the uniqueness of role-playing games is in terms of history. This narrative muscle changing depending on the player carried to the music is hallucination.

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At the moment, Elias doesn’t seem to have worked with many studios either. Collaborated with Bethesda in development anger 2. also with So shareSo-and-so’s father Warhammer Vermintide 2also RovioLegendary team Angry birds. I am confident that not only will this evolve, but his track record will increase.

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