I changed WhatsApp: from today I activated one of the functions most requested by everyone

The WhatsApp May announced at the end of May that it will add new post Long awaited by all users. The instant messaging app has responded to the request and as of today is an option Edit sent messages

It also happens in social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, WhatsApp allows editing sent messages. This functionality was one of the most requested by users who until now had only the option to delete content so that their contact would not see it.

However, this option can be made to delete messages before others see them. The mechanism with already submitted content will be similar, but this time they will have 15 minutes time to edit the content.

After the deadline, users will not be able to edit sent messages. “If you make a mistake or change your mind, you can now edit sent messagesThey stated from WhatsApp.

How to edit sent messages on WhatsApp

We’re happy to give you more control over your conversations from then on Now you can correct minor spelling errors Even adding extra context to the message,” the app explained in a statement.

To edit a message, simply tap on it and choose “Modify” from the menu within 15 minutes of sending.

The company explained that “Modified messages will display the status ‘Modified’, so recipients will be aware of the correction, but won’t be able to see a history of changes.”

This is because all submitted content is Protected with end-to-end encryption.

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