Huracan, the club with venues all over the world | The Parque Patricios entity has 278 names on the planet

Check alliances Strengthen the position When we are looking to grow together. And when that research goes deeper, the expansion can be immeasurable. The Huracán Club has registered entities in its name and has been reached unexpected locations.

Department managers Public relations, With the support of President David Garzon and the entire Board of Directors, they have been located 278 tornadoes in different parts of the world. But they don’t stop.

Page 12 speak with Javier Montanari and Gabriel Garcia Marzola, Those who executed this move, both of them realized that no other club could match this figure.

“We’ve been working on this for years, and we really tried to implement it 40 years ago In a meeting between different hurricanes. But on that occasion, there were eight or nine clubs and it had no continuity, and the people who were there at the time did nothing to make it grow. this project We brought it up 12 years ago In the board of directors, because we were sure that Huracan was the club with the most names in the world, ”explains Montanari.

“When I raised it at that time,” Montanari continues, “they told me he’s crazy , But I still started on my own. At the age of four, Gabriel, who is the man driving all of this, joins. He is responsible for speaking to all the Hurricanes every day, and It accomplishes things I never would have achieved on my own. We started small, and today we have 278 entities. Some are very small and others are very large, like the Huracán Las Heras de Mendoza, which transports 15,000 people every weekend.”

Gabriel Garcia Marzola and Javier Montanari in the Public Relations Office. Photo: Alejandro Leyva.

This is what García Marzola says Chile is one of the countries that witness more hurricanes. Then follows Uruguay, Peru, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. “In Spain, there are also many. In Ecuador we were surprised by Hurricane V Galapagos Islands, And the president will travel to Guayaquil, when we face Emelec in the Copa Sudamericana to meet the leaders. We suggest everyone add the balloon to their shield,” explains Marzola.

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who added Distinctive logo It’s the Grand Port Hurricane, green and black in color. “Achieving this is exciting,” Marzolla confirms.

Although the vast majority is football, there are clubs for handball, volleyball and basketball, cars, and even a shuffleboard. In Brazil they haven’t been able to find any tornado yet.

“This shows how huge Huracan is, because a hundred years ago, when all the current technological advances did not exist, He went to the cities of Argentina and 17 other countries to found hurricane clubs. Nobody can achieve that. The vast majority were founded by Huracán fans, who were going to live indoors and wanted to take their passion for the foundation with them,” Montanari says. “It was one of the goals we set for ourselves,” he adds. Defend the greatness of Huracan, Many people wonder, and when they see these things they are amazed. Later, when Gabriel joined, this grew to very high levels.”

Barreto, Montanari and García Marzolla in the Alcorta stalls. Photo: Alejandro Leyva.

Among all those tornadoes, there are Six who played AFC Championships In the first division: Huracan de Corrientes, Comodoro Rivadavia, Las Heras de Mendoza, Ingeniero White, San Rafael and Huracan de three streams.

Montanari describes that the entity has “unfortunately lost a lot of centering over the years it fell apart, but it’s young When they see all this they are surprised, Because no one else can compare to it. They will not find 278 Real Madrid or 278 Barcelona. Now it’s easier with social networks, but a hundred years ago everything was much more difficult.

Most of these clubs are not run by Huracan fans today, as their founders were, but they know the history of the club’s formation.

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Huracán, in May last year, was invited to a party Football exhibition in Sao Paulo He was the only one in Argentina who had a position. They gave him a case of the same name and it was very new to Brazilians.

Of all the Hurricanes, the first U-15 Championship was held in 2018, an international meeting where four venues were established across the country. One in Corrientes and another in Chivilkoy, and another in Chapas (Santa Fe), And in the neighborhood of La France (Cordoba). The winners of those venues played the semifinals and final at Tomás Duco Stadium. The surname was for the people of Cordoba, It is one of the ten clubs that have passed over a hundred years.

When the campuses travel inland, they PR coordinate meetings with the area hurricanes, and then when they receive them they offer them the possibility of Stay in touch with the rest of the regions. In addition, they offer to hold a parade inside the stadium, at the half-time break of the corresponding match. Many of these men later They became Huracan fans.

Montanari with some hurricane flags. Photo: Alejandro Leyva.

“The task of historical revisionism – the addition of Montanari – that managed to set itself, confirmed that it was Huracan, Boca and Racing who won the most titles in the amateur world. These superstars deserve like a professional championship Because they all participated, and they also wanted to win. This has been approved by the Asian Football Confederation, and therein lies the greatness.”

They both indicate that the file The first flag That the fan made by Huracan, that the first giant flag in the stadium was displayed by Huracan, the first club to institutionalize International Fan Day It was a hurricane, and that amount has a lot to do with these institutions around the world.

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“Everything we do With a lot of passion. We contact the embassies of the countries that come to play against Huracan, and we invite the ambassadors to the field. Not many do,” Montanari asserts.

World hurricanes continue to appear, so that the globe Jorge Newbery Don’t stop your global journey.

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