Hunter finds lost camera with pictures taken by a bear

Less than five minutes is enough to check the close (and compatible) relationship between animals and modern technology. This is because in recent days the video has started to spread rapidly Facebook social networking site, with photos starring A very developing in their natural environment. The amazing thing about the audiovisual material is that the protagonist of the story is the one who took these pictures.

It all started when the fisherman Dylan Shilt He posted a surprising discovery on his Facebook account after finding a camera in the middle of his path. What seemed normal started to slip out of the logic zone, since then in the social network of Mark Zuckerberg He said he was pleasantly surprised after downloading the technology device and viewing its content.

“Last week when I was shooting a bow, I came across a GoPro that got lost while snowboarding. When I got back to camp, I grabbed it and couldn’t believe what I saw,” the individual began to narrate, practicing a system that many rejected but so common in United State.

Born in the state of Wyoming, a region in the west of the country that was marked by plains and rocky mountains, he added: “After four months of being there, a large black bear found him and not only managed to run, but also began to record himself playing with.”

The video that went viral

In the viral video shared by the hunter, we can see how the bear plays with gopro . camera. First, the protagonist, who appears to have found the technological gadget in the snow, is observed, passes his tongue in front of the camera and then tries to insert it into his mouth. Without any success, the animal grabs the claws of the camera and, like a tourist, begins to photograph the majestic landscape, the sky and giant pine trees in the background.

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After that, the bear does not give up and again tries to eat the camera, an act in which he is again unsuccessful. The animal resigned from GoPro’s head-on mode, as if trying to remove a Photograph. Finally, the bear plays with the artifact until he gets tired and leaves it in the snow.

Bear plays with GoPro. Video: Facebook Dylan Shilt

What did the fisherman think after watching the video?

Share the audiovisual in a profile Dylan It quickly spread and exceeded 500,000 views and 1,600 comments. In it we can see the reaction of hundreds of nature lovers, who could not believe what they saw. “Without a doubt, this is the craziest thing I’ve come across,” said the hunter at his post.

Cute bear plays with GoPro. Photo: Video capture from Facebook by Dylan Schilt

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