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With significant scientific research and medical innovation work, UDEP participated in the 7th International Conference on Medical Education, CIEM 2023. With one of these, it won second place in the category of Innovation in Medical Education.

by Contact section. 08 June 2023.

he ICES 2023 It was held on June 1 and 2 at the Sheraton Hotel (Lima). This event has been organized Peruvian Association of Medical Faculties (Aspefam), has been featured in important conferences and seminars led by eminent national and international speakers.

Presentations centered around analysis and reflection on new challenges for medical education. Participants, including deans, teachers and students of medical colleges in the country, attended the various activities organized in the college ICES Such as the exhibition of books and scientific works as well as cultural events.

In the category of Innovation in Medical Education, he was awarded College of Human MedicineA. from the University of Piura presented the work “Implementation of Team-Based Learning for Year 6 Students in a Pediatric Course” by teachers Tersa Yuri Mejia, Melissa Prosit-Ugas and Veronica Webb Linares, Pediatrician and Director of Faculty Studies.

In the same category, Dr. George Moskol presented the works on “Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in Teaching Surgical Technique,” ​​“Taking an Image of a Human Brain and Converting It into a 3D Simulator,” and “Reproduction by 3D Printing of Teaching Models Based on Their Anatomical Preparation”; Doctors Daniela Ramos and Djana Anez and other educators from national and foreign institutions also participated in it.

In the same way, Mr. Cesar Gutierrez, Head of the Academic Department of Medical Sciences, presented the work “Implementation of the Reading Club as an Educational Strategy in the Epidemiology Course”, and he got the second place in this category. In meriting this, he has received recognition from the new Chairman of the Board of Directors of Aspefam, Dr. Miguel Fernando Farfan Delgado.

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In the scientific research category, the college presented the work “The Foot, the Reticular-Fibular Triangle”. Composition and Importance of Anatomical Relationships with the Third Artery”, by Physicians Jorge Moscol González, Head of the Department of Human Anatomy; Daniela Ramos, Santos Santos and Wilfredo Melo of UDEP; and two authors from other universities.

Similarly, epidemiologist César Gutierrez proposed the work “Do Evidence-Based Medicine Textbooks Deal With Evidence-Based Medicine?”

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