Huawei increases profits despite US sanctions

Huawei is making a comeback despite harsh US sanctions against the Chinese company, accusing it of espionage.

Bloomberg reported that Huawei It achieved sales for the first time since the United States tightened its sanctions in 2020.

income from Huawei It rose 1% in the last recorded quarter, which ended in June.

Huawei It managed to raise 170.6 billion yuan, about $25.3 billion in return.

The Chinese company has built on the strength of its infrastructure sector, making it a leader in the field of communications.

“While our hardware business has been hit hard, we’ve had ICT Infrastructure Kane is the rotating boss Huawei.

Huawei plans for the future

Huawei It is a company that dedicates a significant amount of resources to research and development.

Smart cities and electric cars are among the sectors that the company is famous for.

“Looking forward, we will take advantage of digitization and decarbonization trends to continue creating value for our customers and partners to ensure quality development,” Ken Ho explained.

Against the current: the United States vs. Huawei

Administration trump A barrage of harsh punishments was launched against Huawei.

In May 2019, the company blocked access to Huawei For products developed by American companies. This included Google’s mobile services, although Huawei retained access to Google products. Microsoft After getting an exception.

In August 2020, the United States increased sanctions, and fixed it Huawei He was unable to access products that include any technology developed in the United States. This has largely cut off their access to semiconductors.

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Huawei keep betting cell phone develop your own operating systemHarmonyOS) and its own warehouse)AppGallery)And the Even though he had to make tough decisions like giving up on it honor, which is now an independent brand.

While the phone sector Huawei Damaged by these sanctions, production lines such as Computers They have no problem accessing processors Intel Corporation also amd and products Microsoft.

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