How to use the “spy” mode in WhatsApp and what it is for

inside The WhatsApp There are some options that allow you to reduce the degree of continuous exposure, the most famous of which are lAbility to remove read receipt. added to this so that the trick in chat groups Nobody detects if a voice is heard or a sent message is read: mode “espionage”.

The first step in activating these utilities is to make sure you have the latest version of the application. Then enter “Settings” located in the three vertical dots located in the upper right corner. There you should choose “Account” > “Privacy” and disable switch Read receipts.

With this configuration, the two blue check marks will no longer appear when a message is read, and it will not be received. in addition to , You will be able to see the statuses of the contacts, but no one will know Meanwhile, when you upload the status, it will not show who viewed it either and it will always say ‘Zero Views’.

However, with this option, you will still be visible in group chats and when you read a message or listen to the audio, the rest will be known. To stop this possibility, you have to take a few simple steps.

How to go unnoticed in WhatsApp groups

In group chats, there is an option that allows you to see who has read the message or I played an audio clip. This is done by pressing the sent message until it is highlighted and selecting the “Information” option in the three dots on the right. There it will say “Seen by” and indicate the members of the group who already know what was sent.

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This can be disabled as follows:

  1. Close the app as soon as you receive a group message.
  2. Clear notifications and close all open apps on the device.
  3. Disable disable Wi-Fi and mobile data and activate Airplane mode.
  4. Wait a few seconds until the phone is completely disconnected from the Internet.
  5. Open WhatsApp and choose the desired group, read the messages and listen to the required audios.
  6. Close the app and delete it from the background.
  7. Turn off Airplane mode and reconnect to the Internet.

With this trick, no one will discover that the messages have been seen or heard. A new way to find out what they sent, without the rest of the group being able to find out.


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