How to use augmented reality technology for navigation on Google Maps

Improvements arrive in Live View for Google Maps

Google Maps He has a tool called Live Show Allows you to view indicators in . format augmented reality To move from one place to another. When this option is activated, the system displays the shares in RA on the space in which the user is located.

How to use augmented reality navigation:

1. Open Google Maps.

2. Searching for a the destination you want to go to.

3. Then tap, at the top, on the person icon Walking indicates that you are looking for walking directions.

4. Select the “Indicators” option Then “Live Show”

5. The app will access the camera The user will begin to see signs with pointer arrows on the street he is walking on.

The system will display arrows in augmented reality to better guide the user
The system will display arrows in augmented reality to better guide the user

This option works best outdoors Good lighting is recommended. In some cases it is also available indoors Like airports and shopping, but in a limited way.

It should be noted that Live View is used with files A technique called global localizationwhich uses artificial intelligence to scan tens of billions of photos street view To understand your directions.

To switch between live view and 2D map view, simply move the phone from portrait to landscape. The tilt function is activated by default, but the setting can be changed With these steps:

1. At the top righttap the account’s profile picture or the circular icon

2. Enter Settings/ Navigation settings.

3. Under “Pedestrian Mobility Options”Turn off Live View

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4. Disable options of tilt.

The purpose of this tool is to help the user better position himself in the environment, but it is not recommended for use while walking.

Live View is also available in some indoor places such as airports and shopping malls
Live View is also available in some indoor places such as airports and shopping malls

The idea is for the person to hold the phone wherever they are, look at the directions and once directed, put the phone away and keep walking.

How to improve location accuracy with Live View

1. On the phone, open the Google Maps app While outdoors, on the street

2. Click on the blue dot from the site Then calibrate

3. Follow the instructions on the screen.

4. Point the phone’s camera Toward adjacent buildings and traffic lights, rather than people or trees. This way the system will be able to better calibrate the site

This technology, which was announced in 2018 and started hitting mobile phones in 2019, has been adding improvements over the years. More recently, for example, the system has included reference points to help facilitate a person’s orientation. for example, It is able to show how far the user is from the tourist attractions, Monuments or emblematic parks in different cities.

How to find people with Live View

This job Available in beta and Pixel phones only. The tool can be used by the person with whom the location is shared within Google Maps. So what Live View does is let that user know what space is in the other person’s real world.

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How to use this alternative:

1. Open the Google Maps application from the mobile phone

2. Click on the profile picture and then on Share location.

3. In the list of people who have shared their locations, click on the icon of the user whose location you want to find.

4. Click on Live View

5. Follow the on-screen instructions to find the location

6. You will see a pin representing your location, as well as additional information about your dimension.

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