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Best photos 2021 Superman Worm They will definitely be those professional photographers who have special equipment. Although smartphone cameras have improved in recent years and have more and more features, with the darkness of the night, the quality of the photos you take decreases.

In the case of the moon, distance doesn’t help either and makes it appear like a simple dot of white light. Using the zoom will degrade image quality.

However, there will be many who, with a phone in hand, will try to dazzle those who follow them later on their social networks. For them, some advice:

In the case of smartphones: It does not allow modification of the camera parameters, it is convenient to download an application that makes this possible, so that it can be manipulated manually. There are many possibilities on download stores. Some of the options are Open Camera, Manual Camera, or FV-5 Camera.

Better to lower the ISO to lower the light sensitivity of the camera sensor and increase the exposure time. The ideal is to have a tripod, small enough, and program the shot so the image is not blurred. In cases where the smartphone is enabled, it is also convenient to change the image format from JPG to RAW.

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