How to send giant emojis in chats

All of the users The WhatsApp he have List of favorite symbols that can be accessed by pressing the smiley face on the top left of the keyboard. To find them more easily, there is the history section, Where the last used by the customer is stored.

Its popularity and use expanded a lot until There is Emoji Day: July 17th. Currently its use is beyond limits. The success of the invention made companies that manufacture mobile devices start implementing them And even to personalize it to the point that you can now have one face.

The word emoji comes from Japanese “E” means image and “Moji” means letter or letter. Created in 1999 Pur Shigitaka Kurita, who created 176 emojis for a Japanese mobile phone company.

How to send giant emojis in your chats

To send it, you must have a device with Android operating system And you have a keyboard app Gboard, which can be Free install from Google Play

When the app is already downloaded It must be configured to have the necessary keyboard permissions and this is the defaultAlthough it may be different on some devices, the app guides you step by step.

Here are the steps for sending giant emojis:

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Access any chat to use this emoji
  • Touch the text box
  • On the keyboard, where the emojis are, select to open them
  • All emojis to be sent will appear, as well as stickers and GIFs. Emojis are selected, which are those with a small face
  • Choose one and touch it
  • Giant emoji options similar to those chosen earlier will appear later
  • The request is selected and sent
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This trick is for Android only, For iOS, even though the Gboard app can be downloaded, giant emojis can’t be used. But if someone you know who has an Android device sends you one of these giant emojis and you have iOS, they can be saved as stickers.

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