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Suddenly you are an attentive user of new statuses posted by your contacts WhatsApp MessengerIt’s true that you can see it without leaving the view if you turn off read confirmation, but the same won’t happen if you keep it active.

It’s important to note that if someone posts a status and you decide to turn off the read receipt to look at it without leaving the view tag, However, it will appear because this configuration will only have effect in the following cases after the blue tick is deactivated..

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Maybe it’s because you’re embarrassed because you don’t want to see a 10-second status, but There is a simple trick to look at it in miniature without leaving the viewAlthough it only applies to text and images. Two good things: you won’t be left wondering and you won’t have to download third-party apps either.

Steps to see WhatsApp statuses in mini form

  • First, enter WhatsApp Click on the “News” tab.
  • Here you will see all statuses in the new circular format (Instagram style), but you will only see the profile photo and the green border.
  • To access the Stories thumbnail, do the following: Go to WhatsApp Web.
  • Link your account the traditional way (by scanning the QR code).
  • Click on the “Countries” icon.
  • Finally, the thumbnails Latest countries Posted by your contacts.
  • Remember, it only applies to text and images, and will not play videos or GIFs.

How to download WhatsApp statuses without programs

  • The first thing would be to access your internal files or folders on your smartphone.
  • That’s why we recommend the app called “FilesFrom Google, which you can download .
  • After that, go to Storage, then you should click on Android.
  • Go to media, com.WhatsApp. Then to WhatsApp, and again to Media.
  • There you should click on Status.
  • Open the folder and you will see all your friends’ statuses that you have viewed in the last 24 hours.
  • Copy the one you want and paste it into any folder as in the case of downloading.
  • Remember that in order to see the status folder, you must activate the hidden files in Files.
  • Just click on the three lines at the top, then activate the settings.Show hidden files“And ready.
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Did you like this new information about WhatsApp? Did you learn a useful trick? This app is full of new “secrets”, codes, shortcuts and tools that you can keep trying and you will only need to enter the following link for more feedback WhatsApp In Debord, that’s it. what are you waiting for?

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