How to recover deleted WhatsApp messages

Recover whatsapp messages

How to restore WhatsApp conversations

That is why, when changing cell phones, it is not enough to just enter our number in WhatsApp, however A backup should be made beforehand Then restore it to the new device.

Chats can be found in folders on the device. In the case of those who use Android, you must access the section “Databases” WhatsApp through File Explorer, and there will be a file Messages are arranged by day.

Another way to ensure that messages are not lost is Enable and make backups. For this, you must enter Settings From WhatsApp, select Chats Then the option Backup.

An important fact to consider about this last alternative is Periodic backups (daily, weekly, or monthly), Because it may happen that when you want to retrieve recent messages they were not included in the last download.

There is also an option to include or not include multimedia content in the mentioned versions, because If there is not enough storage, then these contents can be ignored and only text messages can be saved.

Additionally, internet connection is a requirement to complete backups in the cloud, so if the connection is lost in the middle of the process, the copy will be incomplete.

The two “official” methods of recovering WhatsApp messages may not be the most practical for recovering recent messages, which is why we can use the notification log in Android OS or third-party applications.

These apps, which stand out among them are WAMR and WhatsRemoved +, search for locally stored messages and also allow you to recover multimedia content.

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