How to recover deleted WhatsApp messages without downloading any app

Messaging app The WhatsApp It is consolidated as the most used in the world, being the platform through which millions of messages and files are sent daily. Among a lot of information, it is common for users to choose to delete certain messages, which is also common to regret.

In these cases, it is possible Restore those messages that have been deleted For a period of time, as long as the condition is met. This is done through automatic WhatsApp backups.

Step by step to recover deleted WhatsApp messages

  • The first thing to do is to check when our last backup was loaded
  • Deleted messages can be restored as long as the copy was made before it was deleted
  • Once this is checked, what you need to do is to delete WhatsApp and download it again (It is recommended to make a backup of your important conversations and files)
  • Once the app is opened, the verification code must be entered to register the number, after which WhatsApp will give the option to restore the backup
  • Finally, all saved conversations will be loaded with their own messages

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