How to prevent a thief from tampering with a cell phone

Anti-theft mode for Android device. (Picture: Android FAQ)

The Hardware With Android operating system They have various functions that improve the user experience, and among their characteristics you can perform certain actions to activate Anti-theft modewhich is an alternative It will help the user to find their device in minutes, If you become a victim of a criminal.

It is important to note that with Anti-Theft mode, Thieves will not be able to perform such actions as:

– turn off Telephone.

Mobile data usage.

– use the WIFI.

– Use the site.

– Activate Airplane Mode and more

To do this, you must first enter a file Security form, password or PIN Only the user of the device knows it.

This is how you can activate anti-theft mode on an Android cell phone

– First, enter a file Settings or setting On your Android phone, which is located with a cogwheel or gear icon.

Now click on the clip Lock the screen.

– Here access to the section Safe lock settings And enter your security pattern, password, or PIN.

Finally, activate the keys that say Side key lock or Network security and security. It is optional to turn on the option Make the pattern visible.

Thief steals your Android device.  (Photo: TV Azteca)
Thief steals your Android device. (Photo: TV Azteca)

How to track and find android phone

– From the computer or any other country smart phone Enter an account gmail personal and Then click Next Link.

– will open google account and all devices on which you have registered the account.

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– Click on The model of the mobile phone that was stolen. It is important to On this computer you registered your account Google (Gmail mail).

Then press the button Find the device.

– will open Google Maps I will indicate in Where is your cell phone

– When you are near the mobile touch the option Audio playback.

Done, it’s easy to locate your Android cell phone. The sound will be played for five minutes; Similarly, this ringtone will sound even if the phone is in ‘silent’ mode. In the event that the offender wants to lower the volume, will not be able to

Anti-theft mode for Android cell phone.  (Photo: Mag El Comercio)
Anti-theft mode for Android cell phone. (Photo: Mag El Comercio)

Google on Android lets you delete the history of the last 15 minutes

almost android users will have the opportunity to Delete the last 15 minutes of history Google search of application, as revealed by technology.

And according to what was reported by Google spokesperson, Ned Adrians, in a statement to the specialized website The Verge, the company executing the job, which It will be available to all users soon.

“We are currently rolling out this feature in the Google Android app and expect to make it available to everyone who uses the app in the coming weeks,” he said. “We continue to explore ways to achieve this Useful feature for other surfaces“, he added.

According to the site that broke the scoop, the feature was spotted by former XDA Developers editor-in-chief Mishaal Rahman, who said he received advice about the apparent implementation of the feature, and an editor at The Verge spotted it on your phone.

Image caption for Android (Photo: EP)
Image caption for Android (Photo: EP)

To check and see if it’s already available, the site recommends Open the Google Android app, tap on your profile picture, and look for the “Delete Last 15 Minutes” option.

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This job has already arrived for iOS Since July last year, this is the first time for Android users. at that moment, Google He said he will be coming to the Android version of the app later in 2021, but for some reason the update hasn’t come.

At the moment, it is also unclear whether Google plans to acquire functionality for desktop browser. Back in May, the company didn’t specify which platforms it would be available on, and in July, Google only said the feature would be coming to iOS and Android apps.

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