How to order series and movies from the platform?

Netflix is ​​a service flow By subscription that allows users to watch series and movies on a device connected to the Internet. In addition, it allows you to download content to your iOS, Android or Windows 10 device and watch it without an internet connection.

The platform has also recently become more interactive with the aim of improving the experience of subscribed users, That is why the service offers several ways to communicate with them.

With this arrangement of ideas, the platform allows you to order the series and movies that you are interested in seeing on the platform. It is worth noting that Netflix has more than 4000 movies and 2000 series. However, the streaming service cannot fetch any address requested by the user, because it must go through a process to achieve this.

For example, broadcast rights for a particular title are not available; Furthermore, the rights to the content are currently exclusive to another streaming company.

How do you ask Netflix about series and movies?

To fulfill the request of the series and movies that you want to watch on the platform, the following steps must be completed:

  • Access the official Netflix website from a web browser.
  • Log in with the user account.
  • Scroll down the lists until you reach the bottom of the page.
  • Select the Help Center option.

Netflix’s ‘inexpensive’ subscription with ads is now official, but it has limitations

For several months it has been known that Netflix has been designing and implementing a “cheaper” subscription method that includes ads.

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In addition, the company revealed that This new plan with ads will cost $6.99 (about 3,4001 pesos) per month in the US, 99 pesos in Mexico and 5.49 euros per month in some areas of Europe.

In that order of ideas, this subscription alternative is available starting this week in November at United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil, France, Italy, Germany, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

Now, from the start it was known that the resolution would be 720p and the catalog of content would be more limited. However, the number of restrictions is much higher. For example, this new version will not be compatible with older Chromecast devices, That is, only Android models are available with this new subscription.

Likewise, this “cheaper” subscription will not be compatible with Apple TV. However, 9to5Google portal mentioned that the platform hopes to add this new support in the AirPlay Store in the future.

“In order to stream Netflix to Chromecast or Chromecast Ultra, you will need to upgrade your Netflix plan to Basic, Standard, or Premium,” Netflix said on its support site.

In terms of content, the platform via flow It will not have products like Cobra KaiAnd the house of paperAnd the s Too bad, Among the other highly acclaimed series.

How does your ad-supported plan work?

Users who take advantage of this subscription method will have to display a series of ads, which It will generate an average of four to five minutes of commercials per hour.

It would be like this ad Duration 15 to 30 seconds It will appear while a series or movie is playing.

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Users will also not have the ability to download content to watch without having their mobile devices connected to the Internet. But there will be the option to move to other plans or cancel the subscription at any time.

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